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 (fĕf′mənt, fēf′-)
n. Law
The transfer of a fee.

[Middle English feffement, from Anglo-Norman feoffement, from feoffer, to put in legal possession, from Old French fief, fief; see fee.]


(Historical Terms) (in medieval Europe) a lord's act of granting a fief to his man


(ˈfɛf mənt, ˈfif-)
the granting of a fief.


the granting of land to be held in fief.
See also: Property and Ownership
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Las promesas y las obligaciones que mediaban entre feoffors y feoffees, y entre feoffees y cestui que use, eran materia sobre la que los tribunales eclesiasticos se consideraban por completo competentes.
El terrateniente que hacia la transmision se llamaba feoffor, los que la recibian se llamaban feoffees to use o simplemente feoffees; el beneficiario se llamaba cestui que use [cestui a que use le feoffment fuit fait].
In this curious situation, the feoffors granted their land, by