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a. An agent, such as an enzyme, bacterium, or fungus, that brings about fermentation.
b. Fermentation.
a. A state of agitation or of turbulent change or development.
b. An agent that precipitates or is capable of precipitating such a state; a catalyst.
v. (fər-mĕnt′) fer·ment·ed, fer·ment·ing, fer·ments
1. To undergo fermentation: cabbage that has fermented.
2. To develop in a turbulent or agitated way; seethe: an idea that was fermenting in his mind for months.
1. To cause to undergo fermentation: Yeasts ferment sugars.
2. To produce by or as if by fermentation: ferment the wine in oak barrels; hostility that was fermented by envy.
3. To make turbulent; excite or agitate: a fiery speech that fermented the crowd.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin fermentum; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]

fer·ment′a·bil′i·ty n.
fer·ment′a·ble adj.


[ˌfəˈmɛntɪd] adjfermentato/a
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Our drink consisted of pure water, to which the Captain added some drops of a fermented liquor, extracted by the Kamschatcha method from a seaweed known under the name of Rhodomenia palmata.
Fermented grape-juice known to the Women's Christian Union
Use miso, a thick Japanese paste made from fermented soybeans, as a base for sauces or salad dressings, or add it to vegetable soups or tofu dishes.
TYPE FLAVOR HOW IT'S PROFILE MADE Distilled White Strong Fermented Distilled Vinegar Alcohol Apple Cider Mellow Ferment apples to Vinegar alcohol then vinegar.
Current research evaluates the use of Enterococcus faecium as starter culture in fermented sausage production, assesses the physicochemical and microbiological profile during ripening process and evaluates the sensorial acceptance of sausage after ripening.
Now fermented foods are considered artisanal, using a combination of traditional methods and scientific knowledge to preserve food for its flavor, color, and nutritional value.
Traditionally fermented milks are widely consumed in various countries of sub-Saharan Africa and a number of health benefits to human beings are attributed to them.
Andy Schweiger of Schweiger Vineyards & Winery experimented with open-top barrels in 2014, then worked with the Perle egg or teardrop-shaped fermentors during the 2015 harvest, comparing wine fermented in T-bins to fermentation in Perle de Quintessence fermentors.
Whether it's Rhubarb Achar, a pickled relish inspired by Nepalese flavors, or Fermented Nopal Salad, there's a new favorite condiment calling out for kitchen experimentation that is "fun, a bit crazy, and full of flavor.
German scientists set out to determine the potential for replacing currently used chemical additives with fermented spices as antimicrobials.
with the making of koji, a mash of grains fermented with Aspergillus oryzae, which is used to ferment other foods.
When PepsiCo, the world's second-biggest food and beverage company, bought small fermented drinks maker KeVita in late 2016, it sent a clear sign that fermented foods have reached a tipping point.