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1. An organism that causes fermentation.
2. also fer·men·tor An apparatus that maintains optimal conditions for the growth of microorganisms, used in large-scale fermentation and in the commercial production of antibiotics and hormones.
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The top tank is a 50-ton fermenter with a sloping bottom that enables the pomace to slide out on its own.
put in their most recent addition, a 20-foot-tall, 4,000-pound 80-barrel fermenter. "The new tank will provide the Kailua-Kona brewery with a 1,000-barrel annual increase in capacity," reports Wendy Tucciarone of Kona.
Plus, I remember the late Joe Swan saying Zinfandel seemed to pick up sugar in the fermenter. Hmmm, maybe it's the raisened berries kicking in.
'With the completion of this facility, we have the largest fermenter in the world dedicated to probiotics production, which enhances our ability to provide customers and consumers with high quality, clinically-documented strains that will positively impact people's health now and in the future.'
The People's Choice Award went to Brewcraft's Genesis 6 Gallon Carboy fermenter. The piece was designed to replace glass carboys, which can break when dropped.
This beer has been heavily hopped, in the copper whirlpool fermenter, and even just before bottling, to create these fruity flavours.
Fill your fermenter with sanitizing solution and let it sit for about five minutes before draining the liquid.
Non fermenter Gram negative bacilli NFGNB were isolated by routine microbiological and biochemical procedures.