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 (fûr′mē-ŏn′, fĕr′-)
Any of a class of particles having a spin that is half an odd integer and obeying the exclusion principle, by which no more than one identical particle may occupy the same quantum state. The fermions include the baryons, quarks, and leptons.

[After Enrico Fermi.]


(Nuclear Physics) any of a group of elementary particles, such as a nucleon, that has half-integral spin and obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics. Compare boson
[C20: named after Enrico Fermi; see -on]


(ˈfɜr miˌɒn, ˈfɛər-)

any elementary particle, as a neutron, proton, or electron, that is subject to the exclusion principle and whose spin is half an odd integer: ½, 3/2, etc.
[1945–50; fermi + (mes) on]
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Noun1.fermion - any particle that obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics and is subject to the Pauli exclusion principle
baryon, heavy particle - any of the elementary particles having a mass equal to or greater than that of a proton and that participate in strong interactions; a hadron with a baryon number of +1
lepton - an elementary particle that participates in weak interactions; has a baryon number of 0
subatomic particle, particle - a body having finite mass and internal structure but negligible dimensions
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Fran Berry brought the Basil Brindley-owned filly from the rear with a steady challenge to defeat Fermion by half a length.
A fermion, such as a quark, electron, or neutron, will cozy up with another fermion of the same type, such as two electrons, only under the right circumstances.
Ballydoyle left in the maiden Kushnarenkovo and handicap winner Fermion at the final forfeit stage, but anyone expecting one of the fillies to act as a pacemaker for the big-race favourite were in for a surprise at Friday's final declaration stage, when O'Brien opted instead to run them in the Listed Kilboy Estate Stakes on today's card.
In contrast, standoffish fermions won't share a quantum state with even one other fermion.
The chiral fermion Hamiltonian operates in space of the two-component eigenfunction, [psi], where Dirac eigenvalue differential equation is given by [14, 15]:
O'Brien, who brought his haul of Irish Classic wins to 11 when Dylan Thomas landed the Budweiser Irish Derby, could also saddle Fermion, winner of a handicap at Naas, and the maiden Kushnarenkovo, but Tom Taaffe is more likely to run Dryandra in an handicap on the card.
the scharm, charm-supersymmetric-partner); (ii) improved naturalness as even the stops (or fermion partners) can be lighter; and (iii) modified Higgs rates in composite models.
Fermion provides synthesis development and process engineering, analytical development and testing, scale-up, validation, and lab-to-commercial-scale production services providing customers with fully automated, best-in-class facilities combined with advanced particle engineering, impurity control and HPAPI production capabilities.
Abstract: Silicene is a monolayer allotrope of silicon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure with massless Dirac fermion characteristics similar to graphene.
Elementary particles are like vortex structures in an ideal fluid which can stay in two extreme forms: the vortex at the surface along the X-axis (let it be the analogue of a fermion of the mass [m.
The newly discovered particle, known as a Weyl fermion, resembles a massless electron that darts around and through the material in unusual and exciting ways, physicists report online July 16 in Science.
En este sentido, el termino "fermion espejo" es equivalente a "el mismo fermion vectorial", en donde para una teoria con grupo de norma G, cada conjunto de fermiones izquierdos, en una representacion R, es combinado con un conjunto de fermiones derechos, en la misma representacion R.