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 (fûr′mē, fĕr′-)
n. pl. fer·mis
A unit of length equal to one femtometer (10-15 meter).

[After Enrico Fermi.]


(ˈfɜːmɪ; Italian ˈfɛrmi)
(Biography) Enrico (enˈriːko). 1901-54, Italian nuclear physicist, in the US from 1939. He was awarded a Nobel prize for physics in 1938 for his work on radioactive substances and nuclear bombardment and headed the group that produced the first controlled nuclear reaction (1942)


(Nuclear Physics) a unit of length used in nuclear physics equal to 10–15 metre
[C20: named after Enrico Fermi]


(ˈfɜr mi, ˈfɛər-)

a unit of length, 10−15 m, used in measuring nuclear distances. Symbol: F
[after E. Fermi]


(ˈfɜr mi, ˈfɛər-)

Enrico, 1901–54, Italian physicist, in the U.S. after 1939.
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Noun1.fermi - a metric unit of length equal to one quadrillionth of a meter
metric linear unit - a linear unit of distance in metric terms
micromicron, picometer, picometre - a metric unit of length equal to one trillionth of a meter
2.Fermi - Italian nuclear physicist (in the United States after 1939) who worked on artificial radioactivity caused by neutron bombardment and who headed the group that in 1942 produced the first controlled nuclear reaction (1901-1954)
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Die deutsche Chemikerin Ida Noddack war von der Interpretation der Experimente Fermis, die eine Transmutation von Uran in Transurane behauptete, nicht uberzeugt und kritisierte Fermi in einer bereits am 15.
Fermi Accelerator Laboratorys next generation accelerator experiment will mean a whole new chapter of Fermis scientific work that, hopefully, will span another half century.
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Abbreviations: AD, asteroid body-wall dermis; ASW, artificial seawater; CA, echinoid catch apparatus; HD, holothuroid body-wall (fermis; KASW, potassium-enriched artificial seawater; NA.
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