fern bar

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fern′ bar`

a stylish bar or tavern conspicuously decorated with ferns and other greenery.
[1980–85, Amer.]
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It's like we just stepped into a 1980s fern bar universe.
But while they call New Jersey the Garden State, not much was flowering in Trenton (except maybe for the great fern bar Soho).
But for every overpriced fern bar there's a great cheap restaurant that turns a healthy profit, too.
Designed to be a "one-hour vacation" to the islands and far more contemporary than its siblings, The Olive Garden and Red Lobster chains, Bahama Breeze was designed as a '90s answer to the '70s-style fern bar.
Sports bars, wine bars, cowboy bars, beer halls, fern bars, and dive bars.
Lack of pretension and a 1950s attitude make this place the perfect antidote for the franchise fern bars.
Educated, liberal Baby Boomers, the kind he meets at fern bars in his neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago.