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Noun1.fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
genus - (biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
division Pteridophyta, Pteridophyta - containing all the vascular plants that do not bear seeds: ferns, horsetails, club mosses, and whisk ferns; in some classifications considered a subdivision of Tracheophyta
genus Pecopteris - genus of Carboniferous fossil ferns
genus Hymenophyllum, Hymenophyllum - type genus of the Hymenophyllaceae: filmy ferns
genus Trichomanes, Trichomanes - bristle ferns; kidney ferns
genus Osmunda - type genus of the Osmundaceae
genus Leptopteris, Leptopteris - including some ferns sometimes placed in genus Todea
genus Todea, Todea - a genus of delicate ferns belonging to the family Osmundaceae
genus Schizaea, Schizaea - type genus of the Schizaeaceae cosmopolitan especially in tropics; small leptosporangiate ferns: curly grass fern
genus Anemia, Anemia - genus of terrestrial or lithophytic ferns having pinnatifid fronds; chiefly of tropical America
genus Lygodium, Lygodium - chiefly tropical climbing ferns
genus Mohria, Mohria - African terrestrial ferns
genus Marsilea, Marsilea - clover ferns
genus Regnellidium - one species of aquatic or semiaquatic fern
genus Salvinia, Salvinia - type genus of the Salviniaceae: water ferns
Azolla, genus Azolla - a genus of fern sometimes placed in its own family Azollaceae
genus Ophioglossum, Ophioglossum - the type genus of the fern family Ophioglossaceae
Botrychium, genus Botrychium - grape fern; moonwort
genus Helminthostachys, Helminthostachys - one species: terrestrial fern of southeastern Asia and Australia
genus Gleichenia, Gleichenia - type genus of Gleicheniaceae: leptosporangiate ferns with sessile sporangia; South Africa to Malaysia and New Zealand
Dicranopteris, genus Dicranopteris - terrestrial ferns of forest margin or open ground; pantropical
Diplopterygium, genus Diplopterygium - scandent thicket-forming ferns of Asia to western Pacific
genus Sticherus, Sticherus - umbrella ferns; warm regions of Australia and New Zealand
genus Polypodium, Polypodium - a genus of ferns belonging to the family Polypodiaceae and having rounded naked sori
Aglaomorpha, genus Aglaomorpha - epiphytic ferns of tropical Asia
Campyloneurum, genus Campyloneurum - epiphytic ferns of tropical America
Drymoglossum, genus Drymoglossum - epiphytic ferns of Madagascar to tropical Asia and New Guinea
Drynaria, genus Drynaria - large robust epiphytic ferns of tropical forest and scrub; Africa and Asia and Australia
genus Lecanopteris - epiphytic ferns of southeastern Asia to New Guinea
genus Microgramma, Microgramma - epiphytic ferns of tropical America and Africa
genus Microsorium, Microsorium - tropical usually epiphytic ferns; Africa to Asia and Polynesia to Australia
genus Phlebodium, Phlebodium - chiefly epiphytic tropical ferns with free veins bearing sori
genus Platycerium, Platycerium - often epiphytic tropical Old World ferns
genus Pyrrosia, Pyrrosia - epiphytic or lithophytic or terrestrial ferns of tropical Old World
genus Solanopteris, Solanopteris - tropical American epiphytic ferns having rhizomes with tubers and roots as well as scales
Cyclophorus, genus Cyclophorus - tropical Old World ferns having closely crowded circular sori and no indusia
genus Vittaria, Vittaria - tropical epiphytic ferns with straplike fronds
Asplenium, genus Asplenium - in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae
Camptosorus, genus Camptosorus - classification used in some especially former systems for plants usually placed in genus Asplenium
Ceterach, genus Ceterach - small genus of Old World ferns; superseded in some classification systems which place plants of this genus in e.g. genera Asplenium and Pleurosorus
genus Pleurosorus, Pleurosorus - small genus comprising terrestrial ferns; found in Chile and Spain and Morocco and Australia and New Zealand
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