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n. pl. fern·er·ies
1. A place or container in which ferns are grown.
2. A bed or collection of ferns.
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n, pl -eries
1. (Botany) a place where ferns are grown
2. (Botany) a collection of ferns grown in such a place
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(ˈfɜr nə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. a collection of living ferns.
2. a place where ferns are grown.
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 a collection of ferns, 1863.
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Along the foot trail which led down the side of the big canon to the intake of the water-pipe, they established their fernery. It was not a formal affair, and the ferns were left to themselves.
(Conrad 1926, 106) Little is left of the original landscape: "Only the memory of the waterfall, with its amazing fernery, like a hanging garden above the rocks of the gorge, was preserved in Emilia's water-colour sketch" (106).
A low path leads Bandong and his group to a fernery, where Selaginella, usually green in color, immediately catches everyone's attention.
Children especially love the swan pond, log cabin, fernery, and bullfrog sculpture.
Fernery Ramirez, a Chicago-area psychologist who specializes in at-risk youth and families, will be the keynote speaker this year.
So much gorse and fernery was collected for fuel and fodder that residents were ordered, on pain of a fine, to store it away from their homes.
The garden - with its rare fernery, stunning rose pergola, ponds, fountains, a trout stream and many smaller gardens - is considered one of the finest in the Tees area.
The mutilated arms and legs were found in a fernery in DeLeon Springs, which was 20 miles away, police officials said.  
It has been carefully restored over the past decade and boasts an 18th century Union Jack Garden, a fernery and national collections of rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias - all at their best in mid June.
The latter are the most confiding; but three of the green and golden frogs, domiciled in the fernery about a year ago, are so tame now that they rarely attempt to jump when touched or taken in the hand.