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n. pl. fern·er·ies
1. A place or container in which ferns are grown.
2. A bed or collection of ferns.


n, pl -eries
1. (Botany) a place where ferns are grown
2. (Botany) a collection of ferns grown in such a place


(ˈfɜr nə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. a collection of living ferns.
2. a place where ferns are grown.


 a collection of ferns, 1863.
References in classic literature ?
Along the foot trail which led down the side of the big canon to the intake of the water-pipe, they established their fernery.
The garden - with its rare fernery, stunning rose pergola, ponds, fountains, a trout stream and many smaller gardens - is considered one of the finest in the Tees area.
The mutilated arms and legs were found in a fernery in DeLeon Springs, which was 20 miles away, police officials said.
30am-4pm; St Margaret's Allotments, Margery Lane, Durham DH1 4QG, five acres with 82 allotments against spectacular backdrop of Durham Cathedral, combined entry PS4, 2-5pm; Woodside House, Witton Park, Bishop Auckland, DL14 0DU, three-acre undulating garden including old walled garden, fernery ponds and vegetable garden, entry PS4, 205pm.
It has been carefully restored over the past decade and boasts an 18th century Union Jack Garden, a fernery and national collections of rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias - all at their best in mid June.
The latter are the most confiding; but three of the green and golden frogs, domiciled in the fernery about a year ago, are so tame now that they rarely attempt to jump when touched or taken in the hand.
There's a formal rose garden, a Japanese themed pond area and veg garden, as well as an old air- raid shelter that has been transformed into a walkthrough grotto with fernery and stumpery.
The management of the aviary and fernery will be contracted out.
While they can be used on their own as a fernery, they are more often planted in the herbaceous border with other plants for contrast.