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Adj.1.fernlike - resembling ferns especially in leaf shape; "the ferny shadows of locust leaves"
ferned, ferny - abounding in or covered with ferns; "the ferny undergrowth"
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The tall, fernlike trees were alive with monkeys, snakes, and lizards.
The thornless honey locust casts a delicate shade through its tropical-looking fernlike foliage and rapidly grows to its mature height of 45 feet.
Users of this "lightning dust"--injected with a steampunk-style syringe--become more susceptible to lightning strikes, which leave them with permanent, fernlike scarring.
They are in a hurry to do what they are programmed to do, which is to grow masses of fernlike feathery branches and go to seed.
When she sees a few fernlike crystals, It means she is starting to ovulate, or has just finished ovulating.
In deaths resulting from lightning strike no symptoms may be found on the person's clothes or body while in some cases there may be burnt or torn places on the person's clothes and fernlike figures specific to lightning strikes on their bodies.
But if there are big holes in the membrane, the lithium atoms can build themselves into fernlike structures, called dendrites, which eventually poke through the membrane.
I saw the tendrils of a sweet pea plant intertwined with the fernlike shoot of an asparagus plant.
Oleanders and hibiscus in their many colours quite like it here but Flame Trees (Delonix regia), like frangipanes, prefer the coastal fringes, blazing away in some gardens with a wonderful show of flowers among the fernlike leaves.
This sticky pulp is employed extensively in the preparation of food and, in addition, the tree's attractive fernlike foliage and fresh yellow flowers are, at times, utilized in cooking.