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a. Extremely aggressive or violent: a ferocious attack dog.
b. Characterized by or showing extreme aggressiveness or violence: a ferocious glare; ferocious claws.
2. Extremely powerful or destructive: a ferocious gale.
3. Extreme in activity or feeling; intense: a ferocious demand for a product; ferocious courage.

[From Latin ferōx, ferōc-, fierce; see ghwer- in Indo-European roots.]

fe·ro′cious·ly adv.
fe·roc′i·ty (-rŏs′ĭ-tē), fe·ro′cious·ness n.
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Noun1.ferociousness - the trait of extreme cruelty
cruelness, cruelty, harshness - the quality of being cruel and causing tension or annoyance
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Exceptionally great concentration, power, or force, especially in activity:
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At that moment Michael was lying squirming on his back a dozen feet away, his legs straight up in the air, both fox-terriers worrying with well-stimulated ferociousness. With a quick out-thrust of his four legs, he rolled over on his side and with questioning eyes and pricked ears looked and listened.
With reference to the Polar bear, it may possibly be urged by him who would fain go still deeper into this matter, that it is not the whiteness, separately regarded, which heightens the intolerable hideousness of that brute; for, analysed, that heightened hideousness, it might be said, only arises from the circumstance, that the irresponsible ferociousness of the creature stands invested in the fleece of celestial innocence and love; and hence, by bringing together two such opposite emotions in our minds, the Polar bear frightens us with so unnatural a contrast.
No whimper, nor sound, nor sign of fear, came from Jerry--only choking growls of ferociousness, intermingled with snarls of anger, and a belligerent up-clawing of hind-legs.
It is with same ferociousness that government has pursued the detention of Omoyele Sowore, rights activist and publisher who has been kept in isolation since August 2.
There was a ferociousness about Kilkenny and Limerick looked somewhat surprised by that.
"He has a renewed vigor, more energy, and he's anxious to fight and anxious to train," said Birmingham, adding that "his power, ferociousness and tenacity will be a problem for Manny."
Obviously, I can lift heavier weights, but the ferociousness in which she attacks exercise ...
Its very ferociousness has the deeply moving intensity that comes from looking at the emotional and physical distance between people who have the same blood but have stones cobbled around their heart.
The ideas of them: her son's innocent impulses, her daughter's ferociousness, her oldest's more vulnerable constitution.
Lower-powered is something of a misnomer for, while it may lack the absolute ferociousness of its petrol brother, it remains menacingly athletic in its dissection of the roads and, in my co-driver's opinion, is more well balanced.
One thing which has remained constant is the ferociousness of Sunderland's matches, particular away from home.
The highlight of her performance was the Snake Dance for the song 'Naadhar Mudimel' in which she mesmerised the audience through her swift snake like movements and showing ferociousness to the enchanting flute music.