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(ˌfɛr aɪ mægˈnɛt ɪk, ˌfɛr i-)

of or pertaining to a substance, as a ferrite, having a net magnetization but in which the magnetic moments of some neighboring atoms point in opposite directions.
[1950–55; compare French ferrimagnétisme]
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In this instance, bits of information are recorded in the magnetisation of atoms in ferrimagnetic alloys that contain cobalt and gadolinium.
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Most of the samples contained maghemite, the main pedogenic mineral with ferrimagnetic properties in the clay fraction.
The X value is proportional to the concentration of ferrimagnetic mineral (magnetite and maghemite).
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Both oxides are ferrimagnetic; however, in a nanoconfined form, they exhibit superparamagnetic behavior, where magnetic susceptibility is higher than that in paramagnetic materials [12].
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