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Noun1.ferrocerium - a pyrophoric alloy of iron with cerium; used for lighter flints
pyrophoric alloy - an alloy that emits sparks when struck or scratched with steel; used in lighter flints
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Here's a small collection of ferrocerium "fire starting" rods to solve that problem.
Ferrocerium rods are an easy way to start a fire if your matches get wet or lighter gets lost.
for REE imports are free for lanthanum oxides and other oxides, and range from 3.7% for lanthanum carbonates, other carbonates, and other REE compounds; 5% for scandium and yttrium whether or not mixed or intermixed; 5.5% for cerium compounds such as oxides; and 5.9% for ferrocerium and other pyrophoric allies.
These include fire-starter kits with ferrocerium rods, prepared tinders, cookware/mess kits, compact wood stoves, canteens, compasses, field sharpeners, paracord, small first aid and fishing kits and portable lighting.
Lindon-based startup WASATCH OUTDOORS' shoelaces and hooded sweatshirt cords are threaded with fishing line or a tinder strand and a ferrocerium rod--a wearable just-incase for the outdoorsy or survival set.