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Of or characteristic of substances such as iron, nickel, or cobalt and various alloys that exhibit extremely high magnetic permeability, a characteristic saturation point, and magnetic hysteresis.

fer′ro·mag′ne·tism (-măg′nĭ-tĭz′əm) n.
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(ˌfɛr oʊ mægˈnɛt ɪk)

noting or pertaining to a substance, as iron, that below the Curie point can possess magnetization in the absence of an external magnetic field.
fer`ro•mag′ne•tism (-nɪˌtɪz əm) n.
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Adj.1.ferromagnetic - relating to or demonstrating ferromagnetism
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In the "Revised Requirements for Diagnostic Imaging Services" that took effect on July 1st, 2015, The Joint Commission recognizes the need for documenting ferromagnetic materials entering Zone IV (the MRI scanner room).
This new study demonstrates that Ru can be the fourth single element ferromagnetic material by using ultra-thin films to force the ferromagnetic phase.
Detection of implants and other objects using a ferromagnetic detection system: implications for patient screening prior to MRI.
When diagnosing ferromagnetic materials, it is very difficult to generate an induction value of the magnetic field in the excitation zone of high-frequency mechanical oscillations of more than 1 T.
Theoretical calculations of the electronic structure and local magnetic moments of ordered Fe-Al alloys (29-44 at.% Al) within the density functional theory [21] have shown a possibility for the existence in these alloys of three types of magnetic ordering with a small energy difference between the states: the collinear local antiferromagnetic, ferromagnetic alignment, and the spiral spin density wave.
A ferromagnetic material is one that can present ferromagnetism ([m.sub.s]) [12, 13].
Using a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), ferromagnetic behavior for 3% Mn:ZnO and 2% Al:3% Co:ZnO on quartz substrates and 1% Cu:ZnO on sapphire substrate was recorded.
Similarly, in ferromagnetic materials, the influences of dominate magnetoelastic effect and plastic deformation on the ECS impedance shift were investigated.
Sample prepared with Mn powder stacking in several cones shows stronger ferromagnetic signal near 220 K than that prepared with Mn powder stacking into one cone, while on the contrary, sample prepared with Mn powder stacking in several cones shows weaker antiferromagnetic signal near the transitions at approximately 75 K than that prepared with Mn powder piling up with one cone.
Ferromagnetic iron oxide particles are the most favourable magnetic sorbents used in removal of pollutants due to their better magnetic properties, lower toxicity, and lower price [9,10].
Domain Surgical is the maker of the FMX Ferromagnetic Surgical System, a surgical platform that uses ferromagnetic technology to precisely and safely cut, coagulate and seal tissue; with minimal injury to surrounding tissue as compared to other surgical technologies.