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Ferromolybdenum production in Armenia for Jan-Nov 2013 was up 14.2% in natural units versus the same period of
For instance, the main products we are exporting to the EU are minerals - copper concentrate and ferromolybdenum. We do this without any preferential treatment.
En+ Group holds a 47.41% stake inthe world's largest aluminium producer UC RUSAL, owns Russia's largest independent power producer EuroSibEnergo and one of the leading suppliers of ferromolybdenum to the global market SMR, significant coal assets and logistics business.
DSAPL was set up to manufacture ferromolybdenum. In 2006-07, the management decided to shift the company's manufacturing facilities closer to its customers and suppliers; the plant was therefore shifted to Nagpur.
"Currently Iran has gained manufacturing knowledge of ferromolybdenum, ferrosilicium, ferrochrome, ferrotitanium," Managing Director of Iranian Mineral Production and Supplying Company (IMPASCO) said.
Instead of paying as much as (currently) $56,000 a (short) ton for ferromolybdenum, for example, to make a Hastalloy, a mill can use scrap Hastalloy inserts collected as described here as a feed to provide all of the necessary alloy elements in the correct proportion and significantly reduce the need for new ferrometal alloys.
In Figure 3 specimens of 70 % ferrotitanium and 60 % ferromolybdenum, produced by the method of plasma-arc remelting of charge in movable mould, are shown.
In Jan-Oct 2013 as compared with Jan-Oct 2012 ferromolybdenum production in Armenia grew by 16% to 5,541