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1. A positive photograph made directly on an iron plate varnished with a thin sensitized film. Also called tintype.
2. The process by which such photographs are made.
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1. (Photography) a photographic print produced directly in a camera by exposing a sheet of iron or tin coated with a sensitized enamel
2. (Photography) the process by which such a print is produced
Systematic name: tintype
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(ˈfɛr əˌtaɪp)

v. -typed, -typ•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to put a glossy surface on (a photographic print) by pressing on a metal sheet (fer′rotype tin`).
2. Also called tintype. a positive photograph made on a sensitized sheet of enameled iron or tin.
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1. an early photographic process in which a positive image was taken directly on a thin plate of sensitized iron or tin.
2. the picture produced by this method. Also called stannotype, tintype.
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The tintype, also known as a melainotype and a ferrotype, changed even that, although interestingly the plates on which images were printed were cheap, thin metal and not tin.
We simply chose to print it as the original 2x3-inch ferrotype plate was first published circa 1880.
Above is a ferrotype of Lincoln, a forerunner of today's campaign buttons.
YOUR He designed and hand built the famous Aptus Ferrotype cameras, used all over the world by while-you-wait photographers at seaside resorts, fetes and racetracks.
Quesinberry, CEO | President DonnaInk Publications, announced successful negotiation and acquisition of emergent author Bill Moorefield and his newest title, "Tin Tales." She states: “I have long had an interest in Ferrotype or 'Tin' photography.
An article, "Early Photography" by Peter Johnson UE, provided an analysis of several emerging methods in photography from the daguerreotype to the Calotype or Talbotype, the Ambrotype, the Tintype or Ferrotype and the Carte-de-Viste (Card Photography).
Jayne Hinds Bidaut s one-of-a-kind tintype or ferrotype photograms likewise call attention to the tense intersection between life and death in the human analysis of the animal world.
With the introduction of a ferrotype photo process, the likeness of a candidate was available to Abraham Lincoln's 1860 campaign.
Schimmelman (art history, Oakland U., Rochester, Michigan) traces the history of the tintype (also known as ferrotype) in American photography from 1850- 1880 and its role in elevating photographic portrait art.