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v. fer·til·ized, fer·til·iz·ing, fer·til·iz·es
1. To cause the fertilization of (an ovum, for example).
2. To make (soil, for example) fertile: Compost fertilizes the soil.
3. To spread fertilizer on: used a mechanical spreader to fertilize the lawn.
To spread fertilizer.

fer′til·iz′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.fertilizable - capable of being fertilized
fertile - capable of reproducing
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Such eggs generally round up after time and are equally fertilizable, but this has not been tested directly.
Although the growth of in vitro preantral follicles can result in fertilizable oocytes and successful childbirth (9), the technique of In Vitro Maturation (IVM) needs to be further enhanced because GV oocytes have a reasonable ability to mature and reach the Metaphase II (MII) stage.
NO action leads to ovulation of matured and fertilizable oocytes [31, 32] as a result of reinitiation of oocyte meiosis and correct oocyte maturation [18, 31, 32].
o] reflects changes in gamete performance at different pH levels; these include, for example, the fertilizable area of the egg, the proportion of sperm able to fertilize an egg, or the number of sperm contacts needed to allow for the penetration of a single spermatozoan.
In this arraignment the future social mother was able to produce fertilizable eggs but medically unable to carry a pregnancy.
The above characteristics also reflect Joyce's description of Molly as an amoral fertilizable untrustworthy engaging shrewd limited prudent indifferent Weib.
Ever since the start of IVF, there has been a lot of modifications and improvements in ovarian stimulation protocols, to retrieve the maximum number of fertilizable oocytes in a given cycle.
The most likely reason is that follicular size cannot accurately predict the maturity of the oocyte within--follicles as small as 10 mm sometimes yield mature and fertilizable oocytes.
The graduate students and the fellows began talking about the inability of the lab to extend the experiment to see if human ovarian follicles are similarly capable of maturing into eggs that would be fertilizable.
In vivo fertilized 2 pronuclei (PN) embryos were recovered from four to six week-old F1 female mice (C57BL/6xCBA) that had been superovulated by intraperitoneal (ip) injection with 5 IU PMSG (Sigma) followed by ip injection of 5 IU of hCG (Sigma) 48 h later, then immediately mated with fertilizable F1 male mice of the same strain.
A doe's egg is fertilizable for about 24 hours, the only time she'll permit a buck to mate with her.