fertilization membrane

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Noun1.fertilization membrane - the membrane that forms around a fertilized ovum and prevents penetration by additional spermatozoon
tissue layer, membrane - a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants
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Fertilization was detected between 5 and 10 min after mixing the gametes, with the appearance of the fertilization membrane separating from the yolk mass (Table 1).
Fertilization was recognized by the appearance of a thick fertilization membrane (Fig.
These cells did not form the compact cap and were instead suspended in the perivitelline fluid, moving inside the fertilization membrane with rotation of the blastula.
Slides were soaked overnight in lysis buffer (2.5 mol/1 NaCl; 0.01 mol/1 EDTA; 10% Triton X-100; 1% DMSO), whereas slides containing embryonic genetic material were soaked for 2 wk to facilitate proper lysis of the fertilization membrane. Slides were rinsed in deionized water and soaked in electrophoresis buffer (0.6 mol/1 NaOH; 0.05 mol/1 EDTA) for 10 min to facilitate unwinding of DNA, whereafter electrophoresis was performed at 10 V and 300 mA for 10 min.
Release of ovoperoxidase from sea urchin eggs hardens fertilization membrane with tyrosine crosslinks.
Fertilization rate was calculated as the number of fertilized eggs (presence of fertilization membrane) per 100 eggs observed in a microscopic concave glass (expressed as a percentage).
The resulting embryos were passed through a Nytex filter (120 [micro]m) to physically remove the fertilization membrane and to dissociate the blastomeres.