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An instrument, such as a cane, stick, or flat piece of wood, used in punishing children.
tr.v. fer·uled, fer·ul·ing, fer·ules
To punish with a ferule.

[Middle English ferul, giant fennel stalk, rod, cane, from Latin ferula; see fescue.]
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(ˈfɛruːl; -rəl)
(Mechanical Engineering) a flat piece of wood, such as a ruler, used in some schools to cane children on the hand
(tr) rare to punish with a ferule
[C16: from Latin ferula giant fennel, whip, rod; the stalk of the plant was used for punishment]


(ˈfɛruːl; -rəl)
a variant spelling of ferrule
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(ˈfɛr əl, -ul)

n., v. -uled, -ul•ing. n.
1. Also, fer•u•la (ˈfɛr ʊ lə, ˈfɛr yʊ-) a rod, cane, or flat piece of wood for punishing children.
2. to punish with a ferule.
[1375–1425; late Middle English ferula, ferul(e) giant fennel < Latin ferula schoolmaster's rod]
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Past participle: feruled
Gerund: feruling

I ferule
you ferule
he/she/it ferules
we ferule
you ferule
they ferule
I feruled
you feruled
he/she/it feruled
we feruled
you feruled
they feruled
Present Continuous
I am feruling
you are feruling
he/she/it is feruling
we are feruling
you are feruling
they are feruling
Present Perfect
I have feruled
you have feruled
he/she/it has feruled
we have feruled
you have feruled
they have feruled
Past Continuous
I was feruling
you were feruling
he/she/it was feruling
we were feruling
you were feruling
they were feruling
Past Perfect
I had feruled
you had feruled
he/she/it had feruled
we had feruled
you had feruled
they had feruled
I will ferule
you will ferule
he/she/it will ferule
we will ferule
you will ferule
they will ferule
Future Perfect
I will have feruled
you will have feruled
he/she/it will have feruled
we will have feruled
you will have feruled
they will have feruled
Future Continuous
I will be feruling
you will be feruling
he/she/it will be feruling
we will be feruling
you will be feruling
they will be feruling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been feruling
you have been feruling
he/she/it has been feruling
we have been feruling
you have been feruling
they have been feruling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been feruling
you will have been feruling
he/she/it will have been feruling
we will have been feruling
you will have been feruling
they will have been feruling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been feruling
you had been feruling
he/she/it had been feruling
we had been feruling
you had been feruling
they had been feruling
I would ferule
you would ferule
he/she/it would ferule
we would ferule
you would ferule
they would ferule
Past Conditional
I would have feruled
you would have feruled
he/she/it would have feruled
we would have feruled
you would have feruled
they would have feruled
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Noun1.ferule - a switch (a stick or cane or flat paddle) used to punish children
switch - a flexible implement used as an instrument of punishment
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References in classic literature ?
For such offenders, if any such there be, a rod of birch is hanging over the fireplace, and a heavy ferule lies on the master's desk.
Two or three of you, I fear, are doomed to feel the master's ferule.
Come, come, you old Smut, there, bear a hand, and let's have that ferule and buckle-screw; I'll be ready for them presently.
His hands were covered with black cotton gloves neatly darned at the fingers; his umbrella, worn down at the ferule to the last quarter of an inch, was carefully preserved, nevertheless, in an oilskin case.
Bazin did more than bound; he let fall both his alphabet and his ferule. "You!" said he, "you, Monsieur d'Artagnan?"
'"Just that," replied the figure, playing with his stake, and examining the ferule. "Be as quick as you can, will you, for there's a young gentleman who is afflicted with too much money and leisure wanting me now, I find."
By the time he had smoothed and polished the staff Kalpa was no longer the pole-star; and ere he had put on the ferule and the head adorned with precious stones, Brahma had awoke and slumbered many times.
Young Jukes, the chief mate, attending his commander to the gangway, would sometimes venture to say, with the greatest gentleness, "Allow me, sir" -- and possessing himself of the umbrella deferentially, would elevate the ferule, shake the folds, twirl a neat furl in a jiffy, and hand it back; going through the performance with a face of such portentous gravity, that Mr.
--This gentleman is famous for his tail, which he uses for a ferule in thrashing his foes.
In his hand he swayed a ferule, that sceptre of despotic power; the birch of justice reposed on three nails behind the throne, a constant terror to evil doers, while on the desk before him might be seen sundry contraband articles and prohibited weapons, detected upon the persons of idle urchins, such as half-munched apples, popguns, whirligigs, fly-cages, and whole legions of rampant little paper game-cocks.
"We sold the carved sheaths of our krisses--the ivory sheaths with golden ferules. We sold the jewelled hilts.
'Will you have some of this?' said the fat boy, plunging into the pie up to the very ferules of the knife and fork.