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1. Marked by great passion or zeal: a fervid patriot.
2. Extremely hot; burning.

[Latin fervidus, from fervēre, to boil; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]

fer′vid·ly adv.
fer′vid·ness n.
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Adv.1.fervidly - with passionate fervor; "both those for and against are fervently convinced they speak for the great majority of the people"; "a fierily opinionated book"
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A young lady of some birth and fortune, who knelt suddenly down on a brick floor by the side of a sick laborer and prayed fervidly as if she thought herself living in the time of the Apostles--who had strange whims of fasting like a Papist, and of sitting up at night to read old theological books
Now, when I go back," she said, fervidly, "I want to really focus on what I'm most passionate about.
These include Rabbi Binder, in "The Conversion of the Jews," and moralist Milton Appel, for whom, in The Anatomy Lesson (1983), "Virtue is the goal" since Appel, like Rabbi Binder, fervidly advocates that "rightness is all" (Anatomy 340).
We were lucky to get cast in fervidly patronized characters.
Audiences attuned to the film's wavelength will respond fervidly, while distribs in search of something thematically unique and stylistically bold will take note.
But the government has fervidly denied any links to the hijackers or the planning of the coordinated attacks.
Far from abating the sordid and irreversible legacy of mining destruction, social displacement and other correlative shoddy consequences brought about by profligate mining operations, mining companies operating in the area are as fervidly posed to scrounge, fleece or even sack up to the hilt -- at the municipalities' rich mineral resources," the lady lawmaker lamented.
Prof Dr Ashraf: I firmly believe that you have stepped forward and I fervidly acknowledge your efforts in science popularization.
I would have thought it unnecessary to fervidly condemn these atrocious killings, since there can be no doubt as to their extreme brutality, but perhaps with the frenzy surrounding the war on terror it may be required.
This phrase is written in Eduardo's own hand on a pre-printed note that also said 'for the thoughts and for the congratulations I fervidly thank you.
Fox coverage was fervidly pro-police, while CNN agonized for the protestors and MSNBC gave us Al Sharpton, posing as both journalistic observer and social provocateur.
how I loved that place so fervidly not a grassblade given me who soon