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1. Of, relating to, or appropriate for a feast or festival.
2. Merry; joyous: a festive party.

[Latin fēstīvus, from fēstus; see dhēs- in Indo-European roots.]

fes′tive·ly adv.
fes′tive·ness n.
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Joyful, exuberant activity:
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Combine the festiveness of the holiday spirit with the deliciousness of the new year with (https://www.
Yet, we mark this day with great festiveness, as if to mock the fate that awaits all of us.
Get past those sign posts and we are on the last stretch to the festiveness of late night shopping, tills a popping and Ho
The metallic heel is a tad kitschy but adds welcome festiveness.
We notice the importance that this withering diagnosis gives to the contrast between light and dark, drab and colorful (the gray or sable tinge opposed to the sunny richness), and the metaphorical function given to embroidery as the festiveness that should adorn even solemn public occasions.
Elegance Gold, silver, copper and pretty much all shiny metal hues mixed create serious glamour and festiveness.
Seasonal pillows add holiday festiveness to an outdoor swing, while brightly-colored glass ornaments in branches decorate the front yard area.
Unlike standard-issue disco balls, this one doesn't sparkle with joy and festiveness.
It keeps the spirit of the season quietly ticking over in a semblance of subliminal festiveness that's not the usual in-your-face magpie-like attraction to sparkle.
They are fun and perfect for adding some festiveness to your outfit.
The addition of sauteed vegetables and springs of dill gave the salmon a festiveness not always found in steamed fish dishes and the lobster broth added a delicate flavor that lingered.