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n. pl. fes·toon·er·ies
1. An arrangement of festoons.
2. Festoons considered as a group.


an arrangement of festoons


(fɛˈstu nə ri)

a decoration of festoons.


1. decoration with festoons, strings of flowers, ribbons, etc, looped in curves between two points
2. festoons collectively.
See also: Ornamentation


 a group of items hung in festoons.
Examples: festoonery of silver, 1836; of trees, 1881.
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Noun1.festoonery - flower chains suspended in curves between points as a decoration
flower chain - flowers strung together in a chain
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The building is farmhouse stone, made prettier by white shutters and a whole festoonery of summer blooms.
I Googled "Christmas decorations for sale" and looked at what's available in modern Yuletide festoonery.
All around them stood the bird cherry with her festoonery of wild hop; the rowan, fresh and mantling like a shepherdess's cheek; the maenad hazel with her verdant thyrsi wreathed in grape-like clusters of pearly nuts.