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n. pl. fest·schrif·ten (-shrĭf′tən) or fest·schrifts
A volume compiled as a tribute, especially to a scholar, consisting of articles or essays relating to the honoree's work or interests.

[German : Fest, festival; see fest + Schrift, writing (from Middle High German schrift, from Old High German scrift, from scrīban, to write, from Latin scrībere; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots).]
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n, pl -schriften (-ˌʃrɪftən) or -schrifts
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a collection of essays or learned papers contributed by a number of people to honour an eminent scholar, esp a colleague
[German, from Fest celebration, feast + Schrift writing]
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n., pl. -schrift•en (-ˌʃrɪf tən)
(often cap.) a volume of scholarly articles contributed by many authors to honor a senior colleague or teacher, usu. on the occasion of the honoree's birthday.
[1900–05; < German Fest festival + Schrift writing]
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 a collection of writings forming a volume for presentation to a well-known scholar on the occasion of his attaining a certain age, pinnacle of his career, retirement, etc.
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A German word meaning festival writing, used to mean a collection of essays written by various authors in honor of another author or scholar.
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Noun1.festschrift - a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar
memorial, remembrance, commemoration - a recognition of meritorious service
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Submission of entries for the Festschrift in honour of the national President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Denja Abdullahi, who clocks 50 in August, will close on June 30.
He edited Festschriften for Otto Erich Deutsch, Vladimir Fedorov, Alfred Durr, Harald Heckmann, and others and he was in turn awarded his own Festschrift in 1989 on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday.
While other prestigious awards may specifically honour research achievements, a festschrift acknowledges the many other facets of the career of an outstanding and influential scientist.
Jackson, one of the co-editors of Advancing Equity and Diversity in Student Affairs, the Festschrift in honor of Terrell that was released late last year.
Allen for his editorial work in producing this Festschrift.
The Unbilled Hour: Essays on Literature, Culture and Theory is a Festschrift for Himansu S.
As a festschrift, the array of scholarly contributions is a successful celebration and the voluminous size of the book is a testimony to the academic importance of J.
His own most recent publications include an article on a 1622 sacred opera by the Johann Kapsberger, published in the online festschrift for Kerala J.
Mathematical Models of Perception and Cognition; Volume 1: A Festschrift for James T.
A Festschrift has been officially launched at the Kwame Nkrumah Complex, Institute of African Studies (IAS) in honor of Emeritus Professor J.
The rich essays of this Festschrift in honor of Tite Tienou reflect the complex realities of world Christianity--and its global mobility.