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Noun1.fetal age - the age of an embryo counting from the time of fertilization
age - how long something has existed; "it was replaced because of its age"
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In addition, the disorder can occur as early as the late second trimester and can thus impact the timing of delivery and fetal age at birth.
Relationship level between the type of perceived pain and the fetal age of the newborn child Gestational age Type of perceived premature newborn full-term newborn test result pain moderate N 7 11 [chi square] % 11.7% 28.2% = 3.305 strong, sharp N 53 28 df=1 % 88.3% 71.8% p = 0.037 Total N 60 39 % 100.0% 100.0% Sex Type boy girl test result of perceived pain moderate pain N 8 10 [chi square] = 0,095 % 16.0% 20.4% df = 1 strong, sharp N 42 39 p = 0,758 % 84.0% 79.6% Total N 50 49 % 100.0% 100.0%
Scan checklist including fetal age, size cardiac activity, placental appearance, location, and fetal anatomy evaluation was recorded for each scan.
We determined fetal age using the linear equations of Markgren (1969) and Crichton (1992), and then estimated conception date by backdating fetal age from the harvest date.
The significant positive correlation between the lengths of the LCA and RCA with the fetal age indicated that there are significant changes in the development of the coronary vasculature with fetal heart development.
Considering the fetal age and the potential side effects of seizure on the child, cesarean delivery was given, and no relapse was noticed after delivery.
"We recently acquired another imaging facility that was using another structured reporting product for its fetal age exams.
Similarly investigators from Cameron, Oman and Israel also reported that fetal biometric profile of their respective population was unique and different from other populations.9-11 Therefore, it is possible that fetal biometric charts for one population may under or over estimate the fetal age for another population and this may lead to erratic gestational age calculations, and wrong diagnosis of large-for-gestational age fetus or intrauterine growth restriction.
A previous study in human fetuses demonstrated that the diameter of seminiferous tubules increased significantly with fetal age [19].
Korean traditional Taegyo starts with the concept that education starts in fetal age. Lee's Taegyo singi expresses the origin and traditional practices of Taegyo, and outlines a specific and systematic method of Taegyo.