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Of, relating to, characteristic of, or being a fetus.


(ˈfiːtəl) or


(Anatomy) of, relating to, or resembling a fetus


(ˈfit l)

of, pertaining to, or having the character of a fetus.
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Adj.1.fetal - of or relating to a fetus; "fetal development"


(American) fetus (ˈfiːtəs) noun
a young human being, animal, bird etc in the early stages of development before it is born or hatched.
ˈfoetal , (American) ˈfetal adjective
of a foetus. in a foetal position.


a. fetal, rel. al feto;
___ alcohol syndromesíndrome alcohólico ___;
___ aspiration syndromesíndrome de aspiración ___;
___ circulationcirculación ___;
___ deathmuerte ___;
___ drug syndromesíndrome ___ del abuso de droga;
___ dystociadistocia ___;
___ growth retardationretardo del crecimiento ___;
___ heart tonelatido del corazón ___;
___ hydropshidropesía ___;
___ maturity, chronologicedad gestacional;
___ medicinemedicina ___;
___ membranemembrana ___;
___ monitoringmonitorización ___;
___ placentaplacenta ___;
___ pulse oximeteroxímetro de pulso ___;
___ transfusiontransfusión de sangre in utero;
___ viabilityviabilidad ___;
___ wastagedesperdicio ___.


adj fetal
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Veterinary obstetrics includes pre-partum and post-partum conditions, maternal and fetal dystocia, torsion and prolapse of maternal organs, metabolic and involution disorders and other sequel of the exposed birth canal during the recuperative period.
Congenital anomalies result in high economic losses causing fetal dystocia result in loss of the fetus as well as risk for the dam.
After rising markedly in recent decades, cesarean section rates in the United States appear to have reached a plateau.[1-3] Concerns about the increasing frequency of cesarean delivery have prompted several examinations of the diagnoses given as reasons for this procedure.[4] While cesarean delivery for fetal dystocia is responsible for the some of the increase in cesarean section rates,[4,5] distress has also increased substantially in recent years.[6]
Treatment procedures for uterine inertia, incomplete cervical dilatation and fetal dystocia were to increase myometrial tone, cervical dilatation with supplementation of calcium, fluids and oxytocin as suggested by Nanda et al.