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Noun1.fetal monitor - an electronic monitor that monitors fetal heartbeat and the mother's uterine contractions during childbirth
monitor - a piece of electronic equipment that keeps track of the operation of a system continuously and warns of trouble
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The case involves failure to recognize arrest of labor, failure to recognize non-reassuring findings on fetal monitor strip, and failure to timely deliver resulting in baby's brain injury.
The old CTG machine of Lyari Hospital had been lying out of order due to some technical fault since several months and doctors and staff gynaecology department were facing hardship due to the unavailability of Cardiotocography machine for a monitoring, called cardiotocograph, more commonly known as an electronic fetal monitor (EFM).
Membranes were ruptured and Pitocin was begun at approximately 12 p.m.<br />The fetal monitor strip was Category I with intermittent periods of Category II through 4 p.m.
The same line of questioning applies to the tools we employ to assist us in labor and delivery, including one of the most ubiquitous ones--the electronic fetal monitor.
The Meridian M110 Fetal Monitoring System is an intrapartum fetal monitor that externally measures and displays fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate, and uterine contractions.
For more than 12 hours, external fetal monitor heart-rate tracings were reassuring.
The term "fetal monitor" led to expectation that all dead and damaged neonates were preventable.
Featuring open-architecture, modular design that's the hallmark of all GCX mounting solutions, the Fetal Monitoring Workstation is easily configured to accommodate a wide range of fetal monitor and IT hardware.
The current facility, built 10 years ago by the government with resources to issue basic first-aid, will now receive dental equipment and supplies, an ultrasound machine, fetal monitor, maternity and delivery beds, and other general hospital items, allowing it to expand its general and in-patient services.
The record established that the hospital failed to preserve the fetal monitor strips generated in connection with the birth, in violation of New York law.
The Ambassador of Egypt said assistance was provided in view of friendly ties enjoyed between the two countries.Egypt provided medical equipment, including anesthesia device, ultrasonic scanner, fetal monitor.