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Noun1.fetal monitor - an electronic monitor that monitors fetal heartbeat and the mother's uterine contractions during childbirth
monitor - a piece of electronic equipment that keeps track of the operation of a system continuously and warns of trouble
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The same line of questioning applies to the tools we employ to assist us in labor and delivery, including one of the most ubiquitous ones--the electronic fetal monitor.
The Meridian M110 Fetal Monitoring System is an intrapartum fetal monitor that externally measures and displays fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate, and uterine contractions.
Featuring open-architecture, modular design that's the hallmark of all GCX mounting solutions, the Fetal Monitoring Workstation is easily configured to accommodate a wide range of fetal monitor and IT hardware.
The record established that the hospital failed to preserve the fetal monitor strips generated in connection with the birth, in violation of New York law.
This study shows that intermittent auscultation of the fetal heart during labour with a fetal monitor is more acceptable to labouring women than monitoring with a Pinard fetal stethoscope.
A unique CLNC[R] service I offer to my attorney-clients and to other CLNC[R]s is a fetal monitor strip interpretation report.
The plaintiffs second theory of negligence (that UCH's nurses' failure to timely place a fetal monitor allegedly caused Marshawn's injury) could have equally supported a verdict finding UCH liable.
The authors speculate that physicians may interpret the fetal monitor strips more aggressively late at night because of fatigue or reduced backup staff.
Both tracings are displayed on a rolling paper referred to as the fetal monitor strip.
The software converts data from the fetal monitor into graphical information on a PC, and each exam can be transferred to an electronic medical records database for easy access and storage.
The two-color art program offers example fetal monitor strips, tables, charts, and graphs, plus b&w photos of equipment and b&w anatomical illustrations.