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Of, relating to, characteristic of, or being a fetus.


(ˈfiːtəl) or


(Anatomy) of, relating to, or resembling a fetus


(ˈfit l)

of, pertaining to, or having the character of a fetus.
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Adj.1.fetal - of or relating to a fetus; "fetal development"


(American) fetus (ˈfiːtəs) noun
a young human being, animal, bird etc in the early stages of development before it is born or hatched.
ˈfoetal , (American) ˈfetal adjective
of a foetus. in a foetal position.


a. fetal, rel. al feto;
___ alcohol syndromesíndrome alcohólico ___;
___ aspiration syndromesíndrome de aspiración ___;
___ circulationcirculación ___;
___ deathmuerte ___;
___ drug syndromesíndrome ___ del abuso de droga;
___ dystociadistocia ___;
___ growth retardationretardo del crecimiento ___;
___ heart tonelatido del corazón ___;
___ hydropshidropesía ___;
___ maturity, chronologicedad gestacional;
___ medicinemedicina ___;
___ membranemembrana ___;
___ monitoringmonitorización ___;
___ placentaplacenta ___;
___ pulse oximeteroxímetro de pulso ___;
___ transfusiontransfusión de sangre in utero;
___ viabilityviabilidad ___;
___ wastagedesperdicio ___.


adj fetal
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In rat, pregnant mothers treated with high doses of Khat between days 6-15 showed fetal resorption, reduced embryo size associated, and congenital malformations (Islam et al., 1994).
According to a standard assay (the rat fetal resorption assay), alpha-tocopherol has the highest biological activity of the four tocopherols, and it is the only form of vitamin E that is officially recognized as being capable of meeting human requirements.
As described above, LPS mediates pregnancy disorders and adverse birth outcomes through the regulation of proinflammatory cytokines such as TNF-[alpha] and IL-8 in maternal sera, amniotic fluid, fetal liver and fetal brain [124] and induced fetal IUGR, fetal resorption, and preterm delivery which was reversed by TNF-[alpha] inhibitor and chemokine inhibitor, respectively.
(5, 6) For example, in pregnant rats a low dose of letrozole (0.003 mg/kg) has been reported to increase intrauterine mortality, fetal resorption, and postimplantation loss; decrease live births; and result in fetal anomalies, including dilation of the ureter and shortening of renal papillae.
In a previous study, we have found an interactive influence of Tsc2 haploinsufficiency and gestational poly I:C on fetal development and adult behavioral traits in mice [24]: fewer [Tsc2.sup.+/-] than WT pups were born to poly I:C-injected mothers, while the genotype ratio was balanced in vehicle-treated mothers, which suggested, together with the presence of fetal resorption, that gestational poly I:C triggered the preferential elimination of [Tsc2.sup.+/-] fetuses in utero.