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(fiːˈteɪʃən) or


1. (Zoology) the state of pregnancy
2. (Zoology) the process of development of a fetus
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fetation, foetation

the development of a fetus; gestation.
See also: Birth
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Changes in the uterus appearance: In the control group, the rat uterus showed normal tissue structure, a pink color and moniliforme, fetation, usually with ten to thirteen embryos, which were large and presented a fresh red color, and surrounded by abundant vessels (Figure 3A).
a fructile chaos, a fertile nothingness, a storehouse of possibilities, not by any means a random assemblage but striving after new forms and structure, a gestation process, a fetation of modes appropriate to and anticipating postliminal existence.
If the female's sperma is the same as the male's, the fetation resulting from copulation might appear to be (merely) a mixture; that is, each of the two parents would contribute the very same thing, and then somehow when they are added together a living creature comes into being.