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fetch 1

v. fetched, fetch·ing, fetch·es
1. To come or go after and take or bring back: The puppy fetched the stick that I had tossed.
a. To cause to come.
b. To bring in as a price: fetched a thousand dollars at auction.
c. To interest or attract.
a. To draw in (breath); inhale.
b. To bring forth (a sigh, for example) with obvious effort.
4. Informal To deliver (a blow) by striking; deal.
5. Nautical To arrive at; reach: fetched port after a month at sea.
a. To go after something and return with it.
b. To retrieve killed game. Used of a hunting dog.
2. To take an indirect route.
3. Nautical
a. To hold a course.
b. To turn about; veer.
1. The act or an instance of fetching.
2. A stratagem or trick.
a. The distance over which a wind blows.
b. The distance traveled by waves with no obstruction.
Phrasal Verb:
fetch up
1. To reach a stopping place or goal; end up: "He went down and out at the same time and fetched up on his back clear in the middle of the room" (Madison Smartt Bell).
2. To make up (lost time, for example).
3. To bring forth; produce.
4. To bring to a halt; stop.

[Middle English fecchen, from Old English feccean; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]

fetch′er n.

fetch 2

n. Chiefly British
1. A ghost; an apparition.
2. A doppelgänger.

[Origin unknown.]


1. a person or animal that fetches
2. (Rugby) rugby informal a flanker who specializes in winning the ball rather than running with it
References in classic literature ?
The letter was finished and forwarded to its destination by a milk- fetcher who came from the village; but that I didn't learn till some time afterwards.
A Bonnie Fetcher is described as someone who stands up for themselves, or what they believe in.
And I'm at the gate along with other fetchers 10 minutes before dismissal time.
Delivery app Fetcher has partnered with Majid Al Futtaim to help kids donate their old or new toys.
Like a Fetcher, Battlesong offers a narrative to help in times of tribulation.
The former NEC Green Rockets fetcher was everywhere in the loose, scavenging at the breakdown and popping up at scrum-half just by virtue of the fact he was the first player on the scene.
Lau has spent the past eight seasons in Japan, the NEC Green Rockets fetcher boasting 42 international caps.
Outro modelo tridimensional foi apresentado por Castro & Fetcher (1998) que dividiram a copa em celulas cubicas caracterizadas pelo angulo foliar e indice de area foliar.
php) Media Fetcher also reported on the fake news, claiming Stallone died from a snowboard accident on Wednesday, June 11.
The creator as well as a cunning figure, he was the fetcher of the dead as well as the god of wisdom and of battle.
Celebrity gossip website Media Fetcher had earlier reported that the 39-year-old actor was such a novice on the slopes that he lost control of his snowboard at the luxury Zermatt ski resort and hit a tree at neck-breaking speed, Daily Star reported.
A trial that was tentatively set to start in fanuary has been pushed back to October 2014, according to former member Mark Fetcher, who told Credit Union Times he received the latest update from an attorney that is working with the NCUA on the case.