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Intentional destruction of a human fetus.

fe′ti·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.


(ˈfiːtɪˌsaɪd) or


(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) the destruction of a fetus in the uterus; aborticide
ˌfetiˈcidal, ˌfoetiˈcidal adj


(ˈfi təˌsaɪd)

the act of destroying a fetus or causing an abortion.
fe`ti•cid′al, adj.

feticide, foeticide

the killing of a fetus; especially illegal abortion. Also called aborticide. — feticidal, foeticidal, adj.
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Noun1.feticide - the act of destroying a fetusfeticide - the act of destroying a fetus  
induced abortion - a deliberate termination of pregnancy


n. feticidio, destrucción del feto en el útero.
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The act was amended in 2003 to explicitly recognize the responsibility of manufacturers and distributors to protect against female feticide.
html) female feticide , an illegal practice in which parents take a test to determine the sex of a child and then attempt to terminate a pregnancy upon learning the baby is not a male.
Decades of sex determination tests and female feticide has acquired genocide proportions.
A three-judge panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals has vacated the charge of feticide against Purvi Patel and reduced her neglect of a dependent conviction from a class A felony to a class D felony.
Female feticide is the earliest and most brutal manifestation of violence against women.
He noted that the scheme will significantly help to curb the heinous crime of female feticide in the society.
They cover induced abortion and feticide, peri-viability, intrapartum management, planned home birth, pregnant patients with mental disorders, neonatal management, perinatal innovation and research, women and children first: advocacy in perinatal medicine, and critically appraising the literature of perinatal ethics.
The objective of organising this event is to spread social awareness against Female Feticide, still rampant in Haryana and Northern India, resulting in the region having the worst Sex Ratio in the country, he further added.
It should essentially consist of measures to create awareness among people through the use of media & behavior change communication strategies[1,2]; periodic sensitization sessions for the medical practitioners to curb the practice of sex identification, illegal abortion & feticide [6]; orientation of medical students regarding precise indications of prenatal diagnostic techniques[2]; development of guidelines to allow rationale usage of radiological tools [6]; creating a team of qualified professionals to supervise the use of radiological technology [2,6]; and quick & stern punishment of the guilty persons[6].
On his TV show, Khan focuses on social issues like domestic violence, "honor" killings, sexual abuse and female feticide in a nation in which corruption and superstitious practices are endemic.
Gender discrimination in this region of India is high and a preference for sons sometimes leads to female feticide.
Speaking on the occasion, the 'ja Nachle' star appealed to everyone to take a pledge against female feticide and make this world a better place.