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tr.v. fet·ish·ized, fet·ish·iz·ing, fet·ish·iz·es
To make a fetish of: fetishized bare feet; fetishized a diet free of processed sugar.


(ˈfɛtɪʃˌaɪz) ,




(Psychology) (tr) to be excessively or irrationally devoted to (an object, activity, etc)
ˌfetishiˈzation, ˌfetishiˈsation n


(ˈfɛt ɪˌʃaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to make a fetish of.
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Verb1.fetishize - make a fetish of
adore - love intensely; "he just adored his wife"
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The criticisms perfectly demonstrate how there is an incessant fetishisation of Muslim women in Australia; how multiculturalism is now viewed as a dirty word.
It indicates a recognizable emphasis in understanding and admiring Crusoe in terms of his determination and survival skills and downplays money fetishisation apparent in Defoe's original.
Tom's relationships are constructed on the fetishisation of emotions experienced by the three women, but their different expectations will determine their different endings.
What explains the fetishisation of outdated technology?
This should not be confused with a fetishisation of student satisfaction, that serves to constitute neoliberal subjectivities in education (Amsler, 2011: 58), but rather the classroom might be reclaimed as an emancipatory space where students and teachers can be creative, emotional and imaginative, as they take time, to embrace their individual identity and subjectivities.
For many politically minded geographers, the less 'instructive' side of geophilosophy is even less useful, or rather trying too hard to be cool to be useful, with its apparent fetishisation of human extinction or certain types of matter, including fossils, obsidian, soil, rot, slime and other objects of gothic appeal (e.
Objectification theory, however, also restricted the significance of body parts in reclaiming women's sexuality by not going beyond the limited criticism of androcentric fetishisation.
People have claimed that these classes are patronising and useless - but the rape culture and fetishisation of violence heavily present in society says otherwise.
Horvat simultaneously challenges the oppression of desire in the Iranian and October revolutions, and the narcissism, hyper-sexualisation and fetishisation of lifestyle in the 1960s German Kommune I and in today's Western societies.
The fetishisation of the trace alluded to by Kohlke was central to Maria Grazia Nicolosi's study (University of Catania, Italy), which exposed how Angela Carter's appropriation of certain iconic nineteenth-century figures for her short fiction opens up an imaginative space in which these "fetishised phantasms" become "resurrected as reflective surfaces of fantasy projections and affective investment by the readers.
Certain common themes have emerged: alienation, community, the constructed nature of identity, our relationship with technology, our always-mediated understanding of truth and reality, and the fetishisation of appearance.