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tr.v. fet·ish·ized, fet·ish·iz·ing, fet·ish·iz·es
To make a fetish of: fetishized bare feet; fetishized a diet free of processed sugar.
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(ˈfɛtɪʃˌaɪz) ,




(Psychology) (tr) to be excessively or irrationally devoted to (an object, activity, etc)
ˌfetishiˈzation, ˌfetishiˈsation n
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(ˈfɛt ɪˌʃaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to make a fetish of.
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Verb1.fetishize - make a fetish of
adore - love intensely; "he just adored his wife"
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Daniel Marsh's paintings are created in excess, cropping down from a large scale to create smaller works Scott Hesketh creates fetishised objects using materials such as concrete and slate, combining them with imagery from mass media and the culture of advertising.
especially the North of England -- an area now suddenly now being fetishised for the purposes of Brexit by the same politicians who curiously ignored and indeed damaged those communities over many decades with their lack of concern and policies.
Nor did I believe that Armstrong's stylistically "black" phrasing and pronunciation of the English-language, biblically inspired lyrics in any way "fetishised" them.
That sort of approach tends to result in exactly what this trailer seems to deliver with Nagini: exoticized, fetishised caricatures.
I'm also intrigued by the way domesticity is becoming fetishised -- the ideal of the domestic goddess, the cupcake fad -- and what it means for a modern woman to hold herself up to those 'perfect' images."
Youth is fetishised and our elderly are either relegated to nursing homes or left in the hands of home care in the belief it is a solution for loneliness.
The young Quaytman, on the other hand, having intimately witnessed the way a rich artistic context could be reduced in retrospect to a few fetishised individuals, found the prospect of an apparent dead-end a bracing one: 'It's a good thing to be past the time of genius, the intuitive, and the heroic,' she wrote in 2006 in an illuminating autobiographical essay (published in a 2008 book entitled Allegorical Decoys).
And Zhijun Wang, a Chinese designer, has bulked up the basic surgical mask, using designer sneakers as material, thus converting fetishised footwear into post-apocalyptic chic.
THE fewer component parts a dish has - or anything else, for that matter - the greater the potential there is for it to be fretted over and fetishised.
THIS brash and sleazy Cold War action thriller is a lace and leather postpunk party for lovers of fetishised violence.
Why is it that in an era when women are constantly insisting that they should not be defined by their traditional, biological roles, we have fetishised motherhood to such an extent?