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The gods of the hearth exist for us still; and let all new faith be tolerant of that fetishism, lest it bruise its own roots.
What's noteworthy about this passage in the first chapter of Capital is not merely that private labor is exposed as the force behind commodity fetishism--but rather that Marx found it necessary to invent an example of another utopia--a world reconstructed in another form--in order to explain commodity fetishism (and thus also the concept of value).
Lastly, it's important to point out that pipe-weed's fetishism is bleeding over into the primary world, which ultimately shows that even fictional instances of capitalist ideology can result in tangible effects in the real world.
At the very least, one has to admire the Japanese auteur's stamina: Following "Love & Peace," "Shinjuku Swan," "Tag" and "The Whispering Star," this cheerfully gutter-minded supernatural farce is Sono's fifth feature to emerge this year, and it more than compensates for whatever the earlier movies may have lacked in Japanese schoolgirl fetishism, perspiring cleavage, levitating sex toys and slap-you-in-the-face erection gags.
Foot fetishism is very popular with women as well as men.
Bosman's Guinea and the Enlightenment Theory of Fetishism" 1988).
(2) Here we present case because of its rarity as patient was observed to have an uncommon paraphilia called hair fetishism or partialism which comes under paraphilia NOS.
The world wants all-digital all the time, but publishers engage in bizarre technological fetishism over the printing press.
The essays look at film arts and "sister arts" to discern elements of following tradition in the cinematic Beowulf, examine the onset of serial fetishism, explore the ritual and response of making sacrifices, look at the apparatus behind sexualizing an epic, examine a dragon as an "other" in films, operate a "meat puzzle," compare versions of Beowulf with other horror films, and look closely at the contemporary struggles found in heroism.
As a result of the special form of fetishism, she achieves sexual arousal when eating food off another person's body and also uses food as a sexual stimulus.
In 1993, two essays were published exploring de Clerambault's papers on female shoplifters and the 'erotic passion' that drove them to steal silk from department stores: Leslie Camhi's 'Stealing Femininity: Department Store Kleptomania as Sexual Disorder' and Jann Matlock's 'Masquerading Women, Pathological Men: Cross-Dressing, Fetishism, and the Theory of Perversion, 1882-1935'.
He said that it shouldn't come as a shock that his version of Batman's character indulges in weird forms of fetishism and extreme sex.