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a. A projection on the lower part of the leg of a horse or related animal, above and behind the hoof.
b. A tuft of hair on such a projection.
2. The joint marked by such a projection.

[Middle English fitlok; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈfɛtˌlɒk) or


1. (Zoology) a projection behind and above a horse's hoof: the part of the leg between the cannon bone and the pastern
2. (Zoology) Also called: fetlock joint the joint at this part of the leg
3. (Zoology) the tuft of hair growing from this part
[C14 fetlak; related to Middle High German vizzeloch fetlock, from vizzel pastern + -och; see foot]



1. the projection of the leg of a horse behind the joint between the cannon bone and great pastern bone, bearing a tuft of hair.
2. the tuft of hair itself.
3. Also called fet′lock joint`. the joint at this point.
[1275–1325; Middle English fitlok, akin to Middle High German viz(ze)loch, ultimately derivative of Germanic *fet-, a gradational variant of *fot- foot]
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Noun1.fetlock - the joint between the cannon bone and the pasternfetlock - the joint between the cannon bone and the pastern
horse's foot - the hoof of a horse
articulatio, joint, articulation - (anatomy) the point of connection between two bones or elements of a skeleton (especially if it allows motion)
2.fetlock - projection behind and above a horse's hoof
horse's foot - the hoof of a horse
appendage, outgrowth, process - a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant; "a bony process"


[ˈfetlɒk] N
1. (Zool) (= joint) → espolón m
2. (= hair) → cernejas fpl


nFessel f; (joint) → Fesselgelenk nt


[ˈfɛtˌlɒk] n (joint) → nocca; (hair) → barbetta
References in classic literature ?
Pickwick, Sir:- I address you upon the subject of sin the sinner I mean is a man named Winkle who makes trouble in his club by laughing and sometimes won't write his piece in this fine paper I hope you will pardon his badness and let him send a French fable because he can't write out of his head as he has so many lessons to do and no brains in future I will try to take time by the fetlock and prepare some work which will be all commy la fo that means all right I am in haste as it is nearly school time
He afterwards showed me a wisp of hay, and a fetlock full of oats; but I shook my head, to signify that neither of these were food for me.
They found the prairies saturated with the heavy cold rains, prevalent in certain seasons of the year in this part of the country, the wagon wheels sank deep in the mire, the horses were often to the fetlock, and both steed and rider were completely jaded by the evening of the 12th, when they reached the Kansas River; a fine stream about three hundred yards wide, entering the Missouri from the south.
For a few miles the road was good, and they made rapid progress, but suddenly it became only a waste of sand, into which the horses sank fetlock deep at nearly every step.
Horrock, at a question from Fred about his horse's fetlock, turned sideways in his saddle, and watched the horse's action for the space of three minutes, then turned forward, twitched his own bridle, and remained silent with a profile neither more nor less sceptical than it had been.
The beautifully arched and glossy neck was now straight, and lank, and fallen in; the clean straight legs and delicate fetlocks were swelled; the joints were grown out of shape with hard work; the face, that was once so full of spirit and life, was now full of suffering, and I could tell by the heaving of her sides, and her frequent cough, how bad her breath was.
The horse was a manifest Frieslander, broad-backed and flea-bitten, and with half a hundred of wool hanging to each of his fetlocks.
Jim accepted it as a mere detail, and at his command the attendants gave his coat a good rubbing, combed his mane and tail, and washed his hoofs and fetlocks.
They were of Saracen origin, and consequently of Arabian descent; and their fine slender limbs, small fetlocks, thin manes, and easy springy motion, formed a marked contrast with the large-jointed heavy horsastic vows.
When the men of the clans were broken at Culloden, and the good cause went down, and the horses rode over the fetlocks in the best blood of the north, Ardshiel had to flee like a poor deer upon the mountains -- he and his lady and his bairns.
See yonder, where the white horse gleams His fetlocks deep in pliant grass.
Considerable tracts of country are so completely undermined by these animals, that horses in passing over, sink above their fetlocks.