fetlock joint

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Noun1.fetlock joint - the joint between the cannon bone and the pasternfetlock joint - the joint between the cannon bone and the pastern
horse's foot - the hoof of a horse
articulatio, joint, articulation - (anatomy) the point of connection between two bones or elements of a skeleton (especially if it allows motion)
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Skin lesions in affected horse included inflamed areas between fetlock joint and coronet of fore legs with fluid oozing out from left coronet (Fig.
To find a pulse, place three fingers on the inside of the horse's fetlock joint, while resting your thumb on the outside of the joint.
An injury, picked up on the second start of his season in the Sky Bet Chase at Doncaster, meant he had to have an operation to try and repair a fracture to his fetlock joint of his off-fore leg.
However, he did not run in the Classic and missed the Champion Stakes with a small chip to his near-fore fetlock joint.
Vaughan said: "It is with regret that I have to inform everyone that our Grand National hope Beshabar was found to have heat in a front fetlock joint this morning.
An alternative hypothesis to explain the lesser tendon release produced by the mid-metacarpal technique would be the greater compression sustained by the distal segment of the DDFT at the fetlock joint after transection.
Grandouet, as short as 6-1 for the two-mile crown, underwent surgery for an infected near-hind fetlock joint on Tuesday night, and Henderson said yes terday: "He will not run in the Champion Hurdle - you can't go into a race of this calibre with an interrupted preparation."
"We were about to collect him when Jim Bolger, the Irish trainer we were collecting him from, called to say there was a problem - he'd been 'cantered out' and broken two bones in his fetlock joint.
"This horse smashed a bone in a fetlock joint at Haydock when second to Amaretto Rose in January 2007 and they were going to put him down, but I would not let them.
He suffered an open fracture of the cannonbone in the right front fetlock joint and also fractured both sesamoids George Washington won six of his 14 races, including four at the highest level, and accrued prize-money in excess of pounds 800,000.
Murphy said: "She sprained a fetlock joint last January which kept her out of action for the rest of last season and then in September she just strained a ligament on her near fore.