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a. fetotóxico-a, que puede toxificar al feto.
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observations of the fetotoxic effects in sheep from ingestion of Conium
In toxicological studies performed, fetotoxic and teratogenic effects were observed even at normal doses (23, 24).
Although small, infrequent doses of this product do not appear to be fetotoxic or teratogenic, idiosyncratic responses may occur with ergotamine that endanger the fetus.
Our previous studies show that HxCN (0.1-1 mg/kg body weight (b.w.)) administration to females during organogenesis is associated with very strong embryotoxic effects [20] whereas a mixture of diverse congeners of PCNs with a similar composition to the previously used Halowax resulted in not only embryotoxic but also fetotoxic and teratogenic effects [21].
Ft--substancja dzialajcca toksycznie na plod / fetotoxic substance, DSB--dopuszczalne stezenie w materiale biologicznym / BEI--biological exposure index.
Pathology and other studies have shown that ZIKV's congenital neurologic effects are clearly correlated with direct fetal infection and neurotropism of the virus, as opposed to placental insufficiency or fetotoxic placental immune response resulting from placental infection.
Cytotoxic drugs such as hydroxyurea (HU) and interferon have proven to be safe in pregnancy, HU having the lowest fetotoxic effects, but they do not possess the same efficacy as TKIs to induce hematologic and cytogenetic remission [3].
Emerging evidence for the fetotoxic and reproductive effects of PBDE exposure [151] both prenatally and via breast milk and the serious health consequences of PBDEs for infants and young children [2, 3, 81, 82, 86-89] highlights the importance of PBDE elimination in at-risk populations.
Elemental Hg inhaled can cross the placental barrier although significant fetotoxic or developmental effects have not been well studied in humans (ATSDR, 1999).