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(ˌfɛtuːˈtʃiːnɪ) ,




(Cookery) a type of pasta in the form of narrow ribbons
[Italian fettuccine, plural of fettuccina, diminutive of fetta slice]


n no plFettucine pl
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Taza has been famous for its Batangas lobster over homemade fettucine and backyard-grown tarragon; juicy pork chop tomahawk and Bukidnon wagyu tomahawk; pompano glistening with genuine olive oil; and the Moroccan-style chicken with tzatziki, local turmeric ginger, cilantro and coconut rice.
is one of the first headlines, for a 4-week supply of 140 servings of items such as Traditional Fettucine Alfredo and Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice, dehydrated and packed for Mylar pouches.
The recipe is silent about how to make the noodles, but it seems reasonable to assume they are made by hand and, because they resemble laces, are something like modern fettucine or tagliatelle made from fresh dough.
There are also hot meals, in the shape of a cheeseburger with crispy onions, brioche bun and fries and fresh egg pasta fettucine, with a chestnut mushroom and Gruyere cheese sauce.
Along with a pasta roller with eight adjustable thickness settings, there are also two types of cutter for spaghetti and fettucine.
Tenders are invited for american correctional association accreditation celebration: food: menu for meals is to be traditional lasagna, fettucine alfredo, salad with 3 dressings, garlic bread, seasonal fruit trays, assorted cake and pie desserts and beverages to include iced tea, lemonade.
My father, bent over his plate, came to a dead stop, threads of fettucine dangling from his mouth, and stared across the table at her for a long time.
It also has its Fettucine shag, a best seller "because you can put it in any setting and it adds a lot of glam," said Molly Anderson, design manager.
A build-your-own cheese or charcuterie board goes well with the wine selections, while more substantial, globally influenced dishes from chef Charles Cho include Korean beef tartare, artichoke fettucine, mussels and sausage and New Zealand lamb chops.
Tuck into their classic pizzas or fettucine bolognese or linguine di mare and pay a fraction of the price, just by filling in the forms online Valid all day Monday to Thursday, on Friday until 5 pm and after 5 pm on Sunday until March 27.
The Entree Bowls offer a quick option for lunch or dinner and come in three varieties: Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese, Turkey Meatball Fettucine and Chicken Pad Thai.