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a. The part of a European newspaper devoted to light fiction, reviews, and articles of general entertainment.
b. An article appearing in such a section.
a. A novel published in installments.
b. A light, popular work of fiction.
3. A short literary essay or sketch.

[French, from feuillet, sheet of paper, little leaf, diminutive of feuille, leaf, from Old French foille, from Latin folium; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

feuil′le·ton′ism (-tôn′ĭz′əm, -tôN′nĭz′-) n.
feuil′le·ton′ist n.
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(ˈfʊɪˌtɒn; French fœjtɔ̃)
1. (Journalism & Publishing) the part of a European newspaper carrying reviews, serialized fiction, etc
2. (Journalism & Publishing) such a review or article
[C19: from French, from feuillet sheet of paper, diminutive of feuille leaf, from Latin folium]
ˈfeuilletonism n
ˈfeuilletonist n
ˌfeuilletonˈistic adj
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(ˈfɔɪ ɪ tn; Fr. fœyəˈtɔ̃)

n., pl. -tons (-tnz; Fr. -ˈtɔ̃)
1. a part of a European newspaper devoted to light literature, fiction, criticism, etc.
2. an item printed in the feuilleton.
[1835–45; < French]
feuil′le•ton•ism, n.
feuil′le•ton•ist, n.
feuil`le•ton•is′tic, adj.
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References in classic literature ?
"I always like to read the feuilleton on the drama," I said.
"You speak as if it were a feuilleton in the 'Figaro,' " observed the marquis.
He called them his "petticoat gazettes," his "talking feuilletons." Never did Monsieur de Sartines have spies more intelligent and less expensive, or minions who showed more honor while displaying their rascality of mind.
A literary man becomes professor of something or other, or a journalist at a hundred francs for a thousand lines; he writes "feuilletons," or he gets into Saint-Pelagie for a brilliant article that offends the Jesuits,--which of course is an immense benefit to him and makes him a politician at once.
Le public arabe se souvient certainement de son visage et de son jeu dans le feuilleton de 30 episodes tres connu dans le monde arabe, [beaucoup moins que]Sakr Qoreich[beaucoup plus grand que], realise par Wahid Seif et Hatem Ali et dans lequel il a incarne le role de Youssef Al Fihri, l'emir de Cordoue.
Dix-huit programmes de fiction de differents formats seront diffuses sur les cinq chaines, dont dix sur le mode de la production executive, la serie comique [beaucoup moins que] Antar Wlid Cheddad [beaucoup plus grand que] notamment, le feuilleton [beaucoup moins que]Rebiha[beaucoup plus grand que] en version kabyle et la serie [beaucoup moins que]Thakniouine [beaucoup plus grand que], en version chaoui.
On May 7, In Chicago, USA was found a crossway named on the Bulgarian writer of the feuilleton aTo Chicago and Backaand activist, Aleko Konstantinov, reported bTV.
"The Israeli occupation soldiers locked me up in a metal container for long hours before they ultimately transferred me to the Jaabara detention center, near al-Khalil city," the child said as he dredged up the episodes of such a nightmarish feuilleton.
Selon un communique rendu public, ces agissements cherchent a discrediter Sami Fehri, apres le succes rencontre par son emission Dlilek Mlak et le feuilleton Maktoub, en portant atteinte a son integrite et en faisant croire qu'il adopte des positions contre la religion.