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Adj.1.feverous - having or affected by a fever
ill, sick - affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"
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Names of those alleged to be involved published online, setting off feverous debate and investigations.
It is magnificent in its scope and its feverous veracity.
When labeled "the Age of Reason," the period seemed to promise few delights to twentieth century readers, whose confidence in animal rationale had been shattered by the first world war; when viewed as offering "rest and refreshment" to our disturbed and feverous age, it seemed merely to promise an escape from more pressing problems.
possibilities; it can be ferocious, feverous, overripe, boozy, forlorn.
It is certainly the auctions themselves that attract the most attention, charged with a feverous anticipation as dealers and collectors wait to see what unexpected surprises these sales might produce.
You go there," he advises.And in the camp, they are fading."We see some children dying here in the hospital because they are very, very weak" says Anna Cilliers, a nurse for emergency charity Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF)."Out of the 39 cases yesterday, we had 35 children malnourished", she adds, rocking a feverous, withering 6-week-old orphan.The lack of shelter, food and sanitation means "disease is rife", Cilliers says.