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fiber optics

n. (used with sing. verb)
1. The science or technology of light transmission through very fine, flexible glass or plastic fibers.
2. A cable or network of cables containing optical fibers.

fi′ber-op′tic, fi′ber·op′tic (fī′bər-ŏp′tĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.fiber-optic - of or relating to fiber optics
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[USPRwire, Tue Aug 13 2019] Fiber-optic filters market: Market Overview Due to increasing reliance of organizations on IT (Information Technology), the demand for robust, agile and cost effective IT infrastructure is growing rapidly.
Furthermore, the Fiber-optic couplers Market is one of the significantly growing markets because of the rising demand from various industry verticals.
Laying new fiber-optic lines will contribute to formation of a modern sustainable infrastructure, provision and development of digital services and provision of advanced telecommunications services.
HiViz is perhaps best known for its fiber-optic shotgun sights and beads, but it makes a lot of handgun sights as well.
You can hang on to copper wire for as long as you can, but Verizon is converting areas that have had repair problems to a fiber-optic network.
It is also considering cutting interconnection charges for other telecom companies accessing NTT's fiber-optic cables, they said.
Fiber-optic sensors offer an intrinsically safe and non-intrusive method of monitoring pipeline and storage tank cool down, the strain on LNG pipe, integrity of the pipe's insulation and carrying out piping and LNG storage tank 'health checks'.
Etisalat's investment in fiber-optic infrastructure not only provides futuristic services, it also significantly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide which is produced by communications activities from every individual and business within the country.
BEIRUT: Telecommunication Minister Jebran Bassil announced Tuesday that Lebanon would start laying fiber-optic cables at a cost of $64 million as of June of 2009.
Instead, a fiber-optic probe inside the extruder die connected to a spectrophotometer with a CCD sensor outside the extruder provides the first commercial system for real-time, on-line monitoring of color in the melt stream.
PSI-MOS converters enable users to transmit fiber-optic data for the most popular serial communication interfaces and bus systems.