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tr.v. fi·ber·ized, fi·ber·iz·ing, fi·ber·iz·es
To break into fibers.

fi′ber·i·za′tion (-bər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈfaɪbəˌraɪz) or


vb (tr)
to break into fibres
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Tenders are invited for The Fiberized micro surfacing seal will occur in two locations and for two different agencies.
Eovations, LLC announced the introduction of Eovations(TM) extruded oriented technology, a patented process producing a fully fiberized thermoplastic-mineral composite that replicates the fibrous structure of wood and creates a unique combination of strength, durability, aesthetic and workability properties.
ITW Dynatec's patented UFD Fiberized Spray technology provides superior accuracy as well as adhesive savings with its one-of-a-kind hot melt adhesive applicators.
Materials for crackfilling can be asphalt emulsions, asphalt cements, fiberized asphalt, or polymer-modified emulsions (listed in the general order of increasing material performance properties and costs).
Delimbed treetops were chipped and fiberized with water using commercial equipment, digested with hot water and/or small amounts of chemical additives, refined in a disk refiner, and hot-pressed to make flat panels.
For the slash-to-fiberboard project, Hunt is analyzing a new class of sandwich construction material made from fiberized wood.
Spiral Imaging Products, Totowa, NJ, recently announced the availability of Magnegraphics, a strong, fiberized ink jet material that has a universal ink jet coating and a lightweight magnetic base.
13,200 SY of asphalt milling 38,200 SY of fiberized crackfill 38,200 SY of slurry seal.
The company highlighted its Vector Metering system, UFD Fiberized Spray Technology and DeltaFx Fiberized Spray system.
The de-limbed treetops were chipped with the bark but without limbs or needles and fiberized into pin-chips using a Tornado, which wet-fiberizes woody biomass (Bolton-Emerson, Lawrence, MA).
After the recycled carpet was shredded and fiberized into compacted pellets, the average composition changed to 50/30/15/5:nylon/CaC[O.