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fiber optics

n. (used with sing. verb)
1. The science or technology of light transmission through very fine, flexible glass or plastic fibers.
2. A cable or network of cables containing optical fibers.

fi′ber-op′tic, fi′ber·op′tic (fī′bər-ŏp′tĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.fiberoptic - of or relating to fiber optics


a. fibróptico, rel. a las fibras ópticas.


adj de fibra óptica
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According to Firecomms Ltd., its 650-nm fast Ethernet and IEEE 1394 fiberoptic transceivers are light sources based on the company's resonant cavity LEDs.
"We will continue to develop and manufacture quality fiberoptic products and waterfeatures that are targeted to the growing and varied needs of the pool and spa industry." Fiberstars Inc.
Cuba's western province of Pinar del Rio will benefit from fiberoptic communications next year, reports state media.
A fiberoptic network connecting major facilities will provide feeds to a broadcast studio for Network Television distribution.
FIBEROPTIC Automation Expo (FAE), an exhibition and conference providing the fiberoptic component manufacturing industry with access to the automation solutions and assembly techniques needed to increase production, makes its debut at the Assembly Technology Expo (ATExpo), held October 2-4, 2001, in conjunction with SMTA International.
has completed research that shows significant errors may exist if cable plants are tested with conventional fiberoptic test equipment.
It has a handheld probe that is connected to the instrument body by a flexible fiberoptic cable.
Tenders are invited for Adult Video Laryngoscope - 1 No.,Paediatric Video Bronchoscope - 1 No.,Paediatric flexible fiberoptic Bronchoscope - 3 Nos.,Adult Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscope - 2 Nos.,Adult Video Bronchoscope - 1 No.,Table top, stand alone pulse oximeter with motion and low perfusion technology for adult & paediatric - 1 Nos,Infant Radiant Wanner - Open Care System - 1 No,Heater Cooler Machine for Cardiopulmonary bypass - 1 No.
Background: Awake fiberoptic intubation (AFOI) is usually performed in the management of the predicted difficult airway.
INTRODUCTION: Fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FOB) is an important entity in the armamentarium of procedures listed in the diagnosis of respiratory diseases.
Renishaw recently released the RLE20 fiberoptic laser encoder system to simplify laser interferometers, while simultaneously enhancing them with picometer resolution, differential measurements and part-per-billion laser frequency stability.
Awake nasal or oral flexible fiberoptic intubation (AFOI) is the airway management technique of choice in known or anticipated difficult airway, severe cervical stenosis, Chiari malformation, unstable cervical fracture, limited mouth opening as in temporomandibular disease, mandibular-maxillary fixation, severe facial burn and vertebral artery insufficiency.