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Noun1.fiberoptics - the transmission of light signals via glass fibers
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
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n., pl. fibras ópticas, filamentos flexibles de cristal o plástico que conducen una imagen transmitida.
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Trijicon already offers a well-respected line of night sights, and now it is in the fiberoptics biz.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 6, 2019-Switzerland-Based R/M Acquires Optimum Fiberoptics to Expand Presence in North American Market
Warren, NJ, April 17, 2012 --( Chromis Fiberoptics, Inc., the company that produced the first commercial gigabit plastic optical fiber, announces commercial availability of the world's first low-cost HDMI active optical cable (AOC) product based on plastic optical fiber.
And he's an inventor and something of a prodigy in fiberoptics.
Sunoptics Technologies employs a team of light and image experts in fiberoptic product repair with over 25 years of experience in fiberoptic engineering with expertise in glass, optics, fiberoptics and illumination.
PennWell Corporation is a diversified business-to-business media and information company that provides quality content and integrated marketing solutions for the following industries: Oil and gas, electric power, water and wastewater, environmental, electronics, semiconductor, contamination control, optoelectronics, fiberoptics, enterprise storage, converting, nanotechnology, fire, emergency services and dental.
The grotto is beautiful, with fiberoptic lights; you can walk out through a series of caves, also with fiberoptics.
The Vecta Distraction Station, designed by TFH, is a mobile multisensory environment that contains the major components found in most permanent multisensory rooms, such as bubble columns, fiberoptics, effects projectors, music, and aromatherapy.
Speer Fiberoptics was attracted to Executive Suites primarily for its versatile lease structures.
Chaikin, Mason, and Cheng, who is now at DiCon Fiberoptics in Richmond, Calif., describe their microdisk experiments in the Sept.
KMI Research provides optical networking intelligence through its market reports, semi-monthly newsletter, fiberoptics route maps, and conferences on regional and undersea fiberoptics markets.
These ceramic, glass and metal-based packages are used in the fiberoptics market for packaging a variety of semiconductors used in broadband SONET topologies.