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Adj.1.fibreoptic - of or relating to fiber optics
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PS Businesses will be more intrigued by the infrastructure revolution, including a fibreoptic rollout, though details were scarce.
The flight path and constellations are embroidered in brass thread and a red fibreoptic light indicates the exact moment the pair left the cloud to navigate by the stars.
Therefore, it is necessary to use diagnostic tools such as fibreoptic bronchoscopy to get an accurate diagnosis of underlying cause in a patient presenting with collapse on chest radiograph or CT chest.
SNP MSP Joan McAlpine is meeting officials from Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) as part of efforts to end a 13-year battle to get fibreoptic broadband on the site.
The spectroradiometer also employs the Gamma Scientific Radomacam, a radiometric telescopic system with interchangeable lenses that collects light from the DUT and couples it into a fibreoptic light guide and into the spectroradiometer.
This fluorescence is detected using fibreoptic tubes small enough to enter the lungs.
Organisations including the North East LEP want to set up a fibreoptic network around the Tyne and Wear Metro system that will allow telecoms firms to test how the next generation of mobile and wireless technology can improve services to people and businesses.
Its Fischer FibreOptic Series is available in two versions: A rugged fibre-optic connector with two or four fibres; and a rugged hybrid connector with two fibre channels and two electrical contacts.
[5.] Suratt PM, Smiddu JF, Gruber B, Deaths and complications associated with fibreoptic bronchoscopy.
Tailoring the cladding structure of such a fibre provides a unique tool for engineering specific fibreoptic properties.