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Adj.1.fibreoptic - of or relating to fiber optics
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This fluorescence is detected using fibreoptic tubes small enough to enter the lungs.
Organisations including the North East LEP want to set up a fibreoptic network around the Tyne and Wear Metro system that will allow telecoms firms to test how the next generation of mobile and wireless technology can improve services to people and businesses.
Fibreoptic video-laryngoscope is an excellent tool for the analysis of lesions of the larynx and the voice disorders.
Suratt PM, Smiddu JF, Gruber B, Deaths and complications associated with fibreoptic bronchoscopy.
More than 26,000 properties in the region now have access to fibreoptic broadband after 126 new cabinets were installed by BT.
He claimed spies there had secretly tapped into fibreoptic cables to gain access to vast amounts of data about our phone calls, emails and Facebook posts.
With lignocaine either via intratracheal instillation through the cricothyroid membrane or through a fibreoptic bronchoscope spray as you go".
Patients presenting with the symptoms of LPR to the Otorhinolaryngology Outpatient Department at the Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK were considered eligible if they had an RSI of greater than 10 and an RFS greater than 5 based on a fibreoptic examination of the larynx.
The UAE already boasts the biggest fibreoptic network in the region and the new plans are part of a series of changes to refresh Etisalat's business offerings as the corporation continues the process of transitioning all its business users to IP-based lines capable of supporting more channels and video calling.
Take fibreoptic cables and run them everywhere in the ground that you can imagine.
Fibreoptic intubation is considered a method of choice for awake intubation in this situation because it is less invasive than direct laryngoscopy with a Macintosh laryngoscope.
Both Virgin Media and BT are up in arms over plans to lay high-speed fibreoptic cables after Birmingham City Council raised PS10 million from George Osborne's "superconnected cities" fund.