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A very fine continuous strand:
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Atrial fibrilla tion after typical atrial flutter ablation: a long-term follow-up.
Researches by means of an electronic microscope show that separate layers of cellulose are formed of fibrilla which, in turn, represent bunches of the microfibrilla consisting of tens and hundred chains of macromolecules of cellulose.
The tumour cells had a fibrilla reosinophylic not well demarcated cytoplasm and an oval or cigar shaped medium-sized nucleus.
Microtubule involvement in the deposition of radial fibrilla callose arrays in stomata of the fern Asplenium nidus L.
Realizo observaciones que permitieron avanzar en la comprension del musculo: los distinguio en rojos o blancos, confirmo que la fibra muscular estaba compuesta de fibrillas unidas entre si de manera longitudinal y demostro que la contraccion muscular la realizaban las fibras musculares no los tendones.