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 (fī′brəl, fĭb′rəl)
1. A small slender fiber or filament.
2. Anatomy A threadlike fiber or filament, such as a myofibril or neurofibril, that is a constituent of a cell or larger structure.
3. A long strand of proteins that are aggregated together in a beta-sheet structure; an amyloid fibril.

[New Latin fibrilla, diminutive of Latin fibra, fiber.]

fi′bril·lar (-lər), fi′bril·lar′y (-lĕr′ē) adj.
fi′bril·lose′ (-lōs′) adj.
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, fibrillary
a. fibrilar, rel. a una fibra;
___ astrocyteastrocito ___;
___ contractionscontracciones ___ -es.
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In [beta]-sheet form, it is the principal component of fibrillar tangles that accummulate in the brains of Alzheimer's patients in regions where there is extensive neuronal death.
The fiber may be viewed as having a fibrillar structure.
Plaque core constituents are proteolytically derived fibrillar aggregates of [beta]-amyloid peptides (A[beta]1-40/42).
Meat products made from low-value beef cuts lack tenderness when high levels of connective tissue are present, due to the presence of fibrillar collagen.
Nearly one third of the 3000 residues in a fibrillar collagen molecule are sterically constrained to be glycine.
Should the fibrillar gene turn out to be located on chromosome 15 also, this would strengthen the evidence that defects in that particular gene are responsible for the syndrome (The Houston Post, 1990).
As a result, the presence of a fibrillar network defined by topological (entangled) interactions provides a preferable way to enhance the crystallization behavior [7, 8] and mechanical properties [9-11] of fibril-based composites.
The neuroectodermal cells were polygonal to spindle shaped, haphazardly arranged in short palisading bundles, streams, or disorganized poorly delineated aggregates, separated by a finely fibrillar, tangled, pale eosinophilic matrix reminiscent of neuropil.
Robotic end-effector tooling developer OnRobot ( has taken this and developed what it calls the "Gecko Gripper" for the manipulation of flat, smooth objects with millions of micro-scaled fibrillar stacks that mimic the hairs on the feet of geckos.
Excellagen's unique flowable fibrillar collagen formulation is topically applied through easy-to-control, pre-filled sterile syringes, and is designed for application at once weekly intervals.
Hypo-hyperechoic appearance in tendon, deterioration of fibrillar structure, dishomogeneous fibrillar structures were evaluated in favor of degeneration.
Here the book delves into the studies of Sebastian Miguel Guerrero Herreros who turned to fibrillar tissue as the origin of vital force, as well as Ignacio Maria Luzuriaga who remained convinced that vital force operated through oxygenated blood and the heart.