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 (fĭb′rə-lāt′, fī′brə-)
intr. & tr.v. fib·ril·lat·ed, fib·ril·lat·ing, fib·ril·lates
To undergo or cause to undergo fibrillation.

[New Latin fibrilla, fibril; see fibril + -ate.]
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Micro fibrillated cellulose fibers, also known as MFC fibers are naturally occurring polymers.
Key statement: This invention relates to a rubber composition comprised of at least one diene-based elastomer and rubber reinforcement comprised of fibrillated aramid fiber micropulp and reinforcing filler comprised of pre-hydrophobated precipitated silica.
MasterFiber series includes six macrofiber (MAC designation) and five microfiber (F, fibrillated; M, monofilament) offerings.
William Muir, trainer of Stepper Point He bled at York because his heart fibrillated. He had a viral infection of his liver, which we've waited to clear up.
New York, NY, July 22, 2015 --( Nanocellulose (micro/nano fibrillated cellulose (MFC/NFC)) is a material made up of nano-sized cellulose fibrils with a high length to width (aspect) ratio.
Paper Arabia organisers said that the show witnessed international movement toward using the artificial pulp which is a highly fibrillated fiber similar to wood pulp.
In particular, some papers reported the formation of a fibrillated structure that was induced by the crystals during the foaming of semicrystalline polymers.
The tapes are first fibrillated by means of 30 to 40 needles per centimeter to ensure that the tufting needles find a path through the tapes and are then wound into packages.
The recipient heart, however, fibrillated repeatedly in the postoperative period and eventually would not respond to electrical defibrillation.
"Such systems include complex, aggregated, surface-coated and heterogeneous particles, as well as larger polymers, and aggregated, crosslinked, nanoparticles and fibrillated proteins," the companies say, adding, "Used together, Malvern's Zetasizer Nano and Posmova's FFF systems provide information not accessible by other means, and are highly complementary to Malvern's Viscotek gel permeation chromatography/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) range.