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An elastic, insoluble, whitish protein produced by the action of thrombin on fibrinogen and forming an interlacing fibrous network in the coagulation of blood.

fi′brin·ous adj.
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(Biochemistry) of, containing, or resembling fibrin
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Adj.1.fibrinous - characterized by the presence of fibrin
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a. fibrinoso-a, fibroso-a.
1. rel. a la naturaleza de una fibra;
2. semejante a un hilo;
___ bronchitisbronquitis ___;
___ inflammationinflamación ___;
___ pericarditispericarditis ___;
___ pleurisypleuresía ___;
___ polyppólipo ___.
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Studies indicated that malignancy developed more frequently in medical thoracoscopy (MT) than in VATS in the follow-up period of patients with nonspecific pleuritis in long-term outcome.12,13,18 Mesothelioma is the most common malignancy in these patients.21 In patients with pleural adhesions and/or fibrinous layer on the pleura, inadequate examination of the pleural cavity and difficulty in accessing the neoplastic tissue reduce the diagnostic success of MT, and VATS is recommended in such patients.22 VATS is performed under general anaesthesia in a lateral decubitus position.
Most sick birds were diagnosed with septicemia, occasionally with fibrinous exudation into the coelomic cavities.
Histologically, the excised lobe was effaced by severe necrosuppurative pneumonia with hemorrhage and fibrinous pleuritis but no intralesional bacteria (Figure 2).
The histological observation revealed that in Group B the whole wound was covered with thin layer of stratified squamous epithelium on day 7 with very little or without fibrinous exudate.
The signs are more than the symptoms and sometimes endothelial plaques are seen and the hypopyon is thick fibrinous and the upper level is irregular.
Patients with posterior synechia, hypopyon, and/or fibrinous reaction in the anterior chamber were recorded separately.
The classification also described the provisional criteria of 2 rare histologic patterns: acute fibrinous and organizing pneumonia (AFOP) and bronchiolocentric patterns of interstitial pneumonia (BPIP).
When the process is prolonged, fibrinous material spreads through necrotic cartilage to the synovial space, tendon sheath, and bursae.
Briefly: 1) Peracute fibrinous/ necrotizing pneumonia (pleuropneumonia): extensive dissemination; associated with blood tinged fluid in the pleural cavity; extensive fibrinous pleuritis, 2) Acute/subacute fibrinous/necrotizing pneumonia (pleuropneumonia): predominantly caudodorsal; fibrinous pleuritis and 3) Chronic necrotizing pneumonia (pleuropneumonia): predominantly caudodorsal; firm capsulated processes with necrosis and abscesses; local fibrous pleuritis (S0RENSON et al., 2006).
Setarial parasites are commonly found in peritoneal cavity of ungulates and adults in peritoneal cavity are generally non-pathogenic but may be associated with mild fibrinous peritonitis (Constable et al., 2017).
Libman-Sacks endocarditis (LSE) is sterile fibrinous vegetation that preferentially develops at the left-sided heart valves.
The first type of reaction is aseptic fibrinous reaction in which the adhesion and encapsulation results in a granuloma formation and remain asymptomatic for a long time (3-5).