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Adj.1.fibrocalcific - involving or resulting from calcification of fibrous tissue
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Fibrocalcific lesion is resistant to dialation through conventional balloon catheter devices attributed to inadequate luminal expansion.
Preference over Conventional Devices Moreover, insufficient luminal expansion during treatment of fibrocalcific lesion through conventional devices and resistance to the dilatation has led manufacturers to adopt scoring technology for production of balloon catheters.
X-Ray Chest was done which showed fibrocalcific opacities in mid and upper zones on both sides, calcified node in right hilum likely due to old infective aetiology, free gas under the diaphragm suggestive of pneumoperitoneum.
In fibrocalcific lesions that have collagen-enriched and calcified areas and in lesions with signs of chondrogenic and osteogenic formations, increased expression of osteonectin, osteopontin, BMP-2, and BMP-4 was demonstrated [11].
Association between circulating oxidized low-density lipoprotein and fibrocalcific remodeling of the aortic valve in aortic stenosis.
OCT also allows tissue characterization by identifying three types of plaques, such as fibrous, fibrocalcific, and lipid; therefore, OCT is regarded as a suitable imaging modality for quantifying the thickness of thin cap fibroatheroma and estimating macrophage distribution (vulnerable plaques) [6466].
Commissural and paracommissural fibrocalcific dystrophy represent sites of greater resistance that hinder commissural splitting, leading to delivery of the balloon pressure to the relatively thin AML and causing it to tear because the posterior mitral leaflet is fibrosed and rolled up most of the time8.
Fibrous plaques were characterized by homogeneous, signal-rich regions; fibrocalcific plaques by signal-poor regions with sharp borders; and lipid-rich plaques by signal-poor regions with diffuse borders (Figure 2, A through F).
Radiologic studies showed haziness and distortion of the trabecula in the left mastoid air cell, and minimal fibrocalcific pulmonary tuberculosis in both upper lungs.
The study disclosed aneurysmal dilatation of the proximal and mid segments of the right coronary artery (RCA), along with large, proximal fibrocalcific plaques resulting in high grade luminal obstruction.
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