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a. fibrocelular, que es de constitución fibrosa y celular.
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Microscopic examination revealed a fibrocellular stroma with oval to spindle-shaped cell proliferation surrounding the areas of ossifications and calcifications.
Histopathology of all the 52 tumours excised revealed a fibrocellular stroma with spindle cells and haphazard arrangement of collagen interspersed with an irregular vascular pattern.
Twelve of the glomeruli had fibrous crescents, 13 had fibrocellular crescents, and three had cellular crescents.
Histologial observation revealed that carbon fibres stimulated extensive fibrocellular reaction with minimal infiltration of inflammatory cells at the site (Fig.
Fibrocellular proliferation is one of the mechanisms most suspected in the persistence of macular holes or the reopening of macular holes in spite of surgery.
4-7) Not only is increased CIMT indicative of early atherosclerosis, but it also reflects the compensatory enlargement of non-atherosclerotic tissue with thickened medial fibrocellular hypertrophy related to smooth muscle cell hyperplasia and hypertrophy.
Under light microscope, the specimen contained 18 glomeruli, in which there were 11 glomeruli with large cellular crescents, one with large fibrocellular crescent, three with small cellular crescents, and two with global sclerosis.
3,6,7) JOF are characterized by fibrocellular stroma of spindle- or stellate-shaped cells with bony trabeculae, with or without osteoblastic rimming, and lacking cementicles or a formal capsule.
The underlying connective tissue stroma shows fibrocellular with calcified trabeculae containing osteocytes and osteoblasts, which are frequently intermingling in immature bony trabeculae (Figure 5).
Microscopic examination revealed moderately dense fibrocellular connective tissue stroma with rich vascularity, with numerous single endothelial lined dilated and engorged vessels.
ERM, also known as macular pucker or cellophane maculopathy, is an avascular, fibrocellular membrane which grows across the macular area.
Similarly, in our patient, more than 1 year after implantation, the DES struts showed only very limited incorporation in fibrocellular tissue and endothelial coverage was incomplete.