fibrocystic breast disease

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Noun1.fibrocystic breast disease - the presence of one or more cysts in a breast
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21 day MC 24 day MC Women with FBD 153.1[+ or -]143.3 130.6[+ or -]126.8 Control 157.6[+ or -]58.8 124.9[+ or -]52.3 E2 = estradiol; FBD = fibrocystic breast disease; MC = menstrual cycle Note: Table made from bar graph.
(5) suggested that neither fibrocystic breast disease, lump thickening, calcification, fibroadenoma, pain, redness, discharge nor hyperplasia showed a significantly higher prevalence rate in PCOS than in controls.
According to the company, Iogen has been clinically tested in over 2,000 women with fibrocystic breast disease, including breast pain and tenderness and benign breast lumps and cysts.
Mariam has Fibrocystic breast disease. It is a very common, non-cancerous (benign) breast condition.
Fibrocystic breast disease does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer.
A: Benign lumps in the breast are common and may be of two types: fibrocystic breast disease and fibro adenoma of the breast.
Fibrocystic breast disease creates thickenings and lumps that are generally most pronounced in the week before menstrual periods and regress in between.
Some authorities argue that greater iodine intake is responsible for the reduced incidence of fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, and thyroid disease in Japan.
A Fibrocystic breast disease is a condition where hard, noncancerous lumps form in the breast tissue.
fibrocystic breast disease, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension or peptic ulcer of stomach ( /
Older studies of therapeutic benefits, particularly with respect to fibrocystic breast disease, need to be updated and expanded.
Enzyme therapy should also ameliorate fibrocystic breast disease and stop the development and enlargement of existing uterine fibroids.